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    Default BREAKING! LOTR changes happening on GW website

    As of yesterday many of us have heard of vast changes coming to LOTR- including new rules, supplements and models.

    Nothing is up for advance order yet, but several repackages have already been displayed; for instance the Moria Goblins and Warriors of Minas Tirith are now packaged at half the numbers but lower cost.

    The price point for plastic models seems to be going from current $33 for 24, to $22.25 for 12.

    NOW is the time to add numbers to your collection before the old packages with good prices disappear for these smaller boxes!
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    Damn you. You had me all excited with your "Breaking!" comment; I was hoping to see some information on actual rules or gameplay update.


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    I was hoping the product line was going away ;-)

    Seriously, I doubt the old packages with the lower prices will be going away... there are so many stores with stagnant quantities, that I'm sure they will leave them at old prices just to try to move them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wittdooley View Post
    Damn you. You had me all excited with your "Breaking!" comment; I was hoping to see some information on actual rules or gameplay update.

    hahhahahaha, sorry for the tease!

    I am hoping that this post being new and all will garner some attention and perhaps info about the new rules. So far I havent been able to dig anything up.

    I did think this update is important though for everybody attempting to build larger forces. I myself am going to pick up several boxes so that my forces near the 1000 pt mark.

    Apparently redshirts know about this product change. I also agree that most stores have this as stagnant product so it isnt so much of a rush in and grab them while they last; but you never know what gamers will come out of the corners to snatch up last minute deals.

    *I also have noticed that the High Elf box is no longer available. Maybe the long- awaited recut that separates the men and elves is coming.
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    Over on Dakka Dakka they have the leaked pics and info about the new rules. Not sure if Im allowed to post a direct link here so all I am going to say is head over there and check under the Rumors/News tab.

    Looks like a variety of new models in Finecast and 5 new sourcebooks. The current rulebook and 3 journeybooks will remain, but the other sourcebooks are now invalid.

    The 5 new books will supercede all profiles (even from the rulebook) and be grouped by races/regions to provide all the necessary profiles and some additional rules. They should be about codex sized and priced.

    This info is from multiple sources over several forums.
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    I'm really excited about this! Maybe more attention will be given to the "Last Alliance". I've been working on a Last Alliance build for WOTR, but was disappointed that it wasn't given any attention in the supplement.

    Maybe we'll see LOTRSBG return as an event at Wargamescon??

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    With the release of WD and the advance orders we pretty much know a lot of info about the upcoming releases.

    The game is going back to Skirmish mode, instead of the larger organization that LoME brought us. For every hero you purchase you can take up to 12 warriors (including cav, monsters, siege crew, etc).

    It appears that the main SBG rulebook will be staying the same but with all unit entries null and void. The only problem with this is that no local gaming store can confirm it isnt changing and the GW doesnt directly state whether or not it is changing. Hopefully not- we all have a lot of money we have to spend on sourcebooks now.

    The new sourcebooks will be all we ever need to play with our current collections. Whether or not they encompass unreleased models like the older LoME book is yet to be seen- but if not they have certainly limited their model range.

    **Big change- they have included a number of specific army rules to cover some of the boxed set faults. The main one I have read so far is that Haradrim are allowed to use more bows than other forces due to their box set being 50/50; great news! Unfortunately Last Alliance boxed set isnt changing so those collecters are still going to have a heck of a time buying and building two armies at once.

    Overall I dont see this new release getting 40k and Fantasy players interested. Locally the ruleset is the biggest hindrance for many players so without a massive change I cant see a big influx. I have noticed more players dusting off old collections but this might just be a phase. I dont forsee the new sourcebooks adding so much new rules and competitiveness that the game will become a major player.

    I do hope that I am wrong though and this game picks back up!
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    Its looking good and i really don't understand the hate LOTR i prefer it over 40k or fantasy rule set so quick and simple to learn but takes ages to master. Where as 40k and fantasy always seem long to learn and easy to master.

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    Does anyone have a copy of the new WD and their SBG hardback rulebook sitting nearby?

    If so we can compare the page total that WD gives with the page total in the existing rulebook. It would be a good indicator if they have revised the current book or not.

    I will be extremely disappointed if they added a paragraph or two and are packaging it as an entirely new book. I would rather skim it at that point and borrow it for the photo copier.
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    The 2005 rulebook has 240 pages. Of which 82 are devoted to units ( stat/fluff/etc) according to the index.

    So new sourcebooks are 48+48+48+48+64=256
    subtract 6 pages of scenarios so subtract 30=226
    So add another 4 pages of scenarios at the back of each book so subtract 20=206
    assuming 5 pages of fluff(probably more but I am being conservative) in each one subtract 25=181

    So that is ( by a huge guess of course ) about 100 pages of potential new content. There is no mention of hobby content on the GW site, only background/scenarios. New content, about 20 pages per book. Which seems about right. There has only been about 50 ish new models released since 2005( not just new sculpts/plastic/fincast).
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