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    Default Master of the dead

    its not painted but this is my necromancer that has the master of the dead upgrade

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    Looking pretty good, are the two blobs of green stuff at the bottom meant to be rock? can't really tell anyway nice little conversion should look good painted up

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    I like this alot. Looking forward to seeing it painted

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    Nice, effective conversion. The pose, the height and the spirits all really fit together well and it looks really good!

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    That's pretty awesome. Good use of extra Mortis Engine parts.

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    Nice, hope to see it painted up!

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    Very nice! I am impressed the way you used those pieces. I echo what others have said here: I look forward to seeing it painted! Not to rush you of course.

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    awesome conversion

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    Looks awesome so far, love to see paint added.

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    Great work. He is full of character! I wish I could use green stuff now, because that is a really cool conversion.


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