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    Default GIVEAWAY: Cipher Studios Morrigan Challenge

    Here is the thread for the Morrigan - Cipher Studios Giveaway.

    Details below for all you entrants:

    Cipher Studios wants you BoLS readers a chance to win a free Morrigan model just for saying you like Anima Tactics. Here's how to enter.

    Her origins are a mystery. She is a legend among legends, a being out of dark tales that roams the earth in physical form. The most widely believed myth is that she is one of the nine great demon queens, born in ancient times from a distortion in existence that gave her consciousness. However, this may simply be another of the many stories inspired by her thousands of years of existence.

    This beautiful model is the largest piece in the Anima Tactics line. A sixty dollar value, Morrigan is cast in metal and sculpted in extreme detail. She makes a stunning addition to any miniature collection when she’s not tearing up the battlefield as part of the Sameal Organization in Anima: Tactics.

    How to Win:

    To enter to win a Free Morrigan Model, please leave a comment in this BoLS Lounge thread telling us what your favorite Anima: Tactics or Hell Dorado model is.

    We will announce the winner February 11th.
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    Augustinus Raimond

    He looks like a double hard bad *** and is beautifully sculpted.

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    So many options to chose from. I'm personally a big fan of the demons Samael mini. Really well executed.

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    My personal favourite is the Demon of Gluttony.

    I mean, theres something really terrifying with model. You can see that the creator knew what he was doing when he sat in his dark labratory. (Personally i think of it as gloomy and with cages all around. Deathmetal pumpin out from big speakers and all lighted up in a dark green light.)

    Yeah... that model oozes fear and is surely something i would never wanna see come to life..

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    The Colonel. I love the fire!

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    Morrigan is actually my favourite of the line. Something very menacing.

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    I really like those models. They're certainly not the craziest looking models in the Heldorado range, but I like the grim, liked in look of those models.

    On the other side of things, I am also a big fan of Bran Carnoth. He's a mean-looking dude, and I love the way his chainmail is hooked into his skin.

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    Shinigami Ayl is my favorite. I feel it matches the concept art the best and I really like the pose of the model.

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    Hands down my favorite model is Ligori! I was a lurker on the Anima Tactics forums for a long time, interested in the game but not sure what to think. Then I randomly found a Ligori model for the Azur Alliance on sale, and nearly a year later I'm fully converted to the way of Anima Tactics.


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