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    Default Horus Heresy: Favorite References.

    Ok, I set up this thread for any who are interested in compiling all the little nods and references within the Horus Heresy series to outside influences. These are normally in reference to Old Earth (circa M2) and its cultures, artworks, literature.

    Three of my favorites (that i can remember offhand) are:

    - The nods to old cities such as L'undone (think this was how it was spelt).
    - The override code in Deliverence lost is "Peta Orpheus Epsilon" POE. as in Edgar.
    - The starship Heart of Gold was "improbably destroyed" in a space battle in Fulgrim.

    Please post any other you can remember. I beleive there are quite a few, especially with reference to works of literature etc.

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    Well, there's the character Caspar Hawser in Prospero Burns...

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    The titan rover in deliverance lost
    More Necromunda please.

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    what is the name casper hawser reference to?

    also, anyone have any more of the Old Earth names for places?

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    I haven't read Prospero Burns in so long I forget the point of the reference.

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    Default Poe

    POE is also to be found in Dr Strangelove isn't it?
    There's a mad Yank in charge of an airbase who sets off the launch, and his password is POE - Purity Of Essence
    I loved the acknowledgment of the old Mechanicus Knights, the tons of kabalistic refernces in Thousand sons, Ordo Reductor refrences, and Keeprs of the Dark.



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