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    lets look at dan's previous inquisitor story - the comic one. The older inquis goes of the deep end and is hunted down by his pupil. The pupil seems to die at the end of book 2 - but it's likley book3 he would be alive but highly cyborged. Maybe even goes radical himself to ge revenge.
    Now, the big thing with Eisenhorn was he loved Bequin but her untouchable aura would have made him insane - esp as he is even more psychic now.
    What happened at the end of Ravenor? Fauke - an untouchable- seemingly has his ability burnt out by long time exposure to an emerging psyker. So, untouchs DO HAVE SOULS. It's just this aura that makes it seem like they don't, like a spiritual vortex.
    So, Eisenhorn gets corrupted by Cherubael. He steals Bequin and exposes her to psychic power to wear down her aura so he can live happily ever after.
    But the way he does it is super radical so ravenor gets sent after him.
    In the process, a greater evil is revealed, they join foorces against it, and Eisenhorn dies to prevent it, possibly sacrificing his eternal soul.

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    mjasghar - I'm guessing that's mostly speculation or your personal theories. That said, those are pretty good theories. Do you have a source?

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    Someone correct me if I'm wrong but in the Gaunt's Ghosts novel Armour of COntempt isn't there a bit of foreshadowing that eventually Ravenor has to put Eisenhorn down?

    Also I've been waiting for this trilogy ever since I read the author's introduction in the Ravenor Omnibus. ^^

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    So exited for this. I read Ravenor so hard that the book exploded. True story.

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    in armour of contempt gaunt goes on about ravenor's works - inc how he wrote about the fall of his mentor eisenhorn to chaos.
    so ravenor is still respected - i.e. his books not suppressed amongst the schola progenium at least.
    Dan has said next trilogy will be from bequin's perspective - so she will be returned to life. Indeed, we know ravenor has her 'on ice'
    the third eisenhorn book, he realised it was her he loved but 'that way lies madness' - because she's an untouchable.
    third ravenor book we know how untoucability can be removed permanently.
    the short story where they meet up again eisenhorn seems blase about Cherubael, he has it flying him about.
    pretty strong hint, esp if you've read his comic strip Inquisitor. Also, remember authors hate leaving stories unfinished. I'm sure he'd love to use some of the unpublished 3rd series.

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    Thumbs up

    Will definately pre-order this one.
    I still have all the Eisenhorn & Ravenor books from way back & still go back & reread them from time to time.
    Regards Barry H. "the Emperor Protects!"

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    can't wait for this 'bequin' trilogy!

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    As much as I'm excited for this new trilogy, I'm also going to miss the retinue of both Eisenhorn and Ravenor. While both characters were masterpieces, I read those books for the guys in their retinues. People like Harlon Nayl or Godwyn Fischig were so badass, and now they've died or gone home

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    @ Frostclaw - whoa, interesting. I always really liked Bequin. Can't say much more without giving anything away, but that's interesting to consider the third trilogy going in that direction..

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    Oh no.
    Please let this not be true. Eisenhorn trilogy is one of my favorites in all of 40k fiction.

    But Abnett's so turned me off after the 7th or 8th Ghosts novel, Double Eagle, and the Ultramorons movie (And boy, did they ever earn that nickname in that movie) that I don't know that I can bring myself to read anything where he's not constrained like he is by the HH series.
    If this is the way mankind ends up, I'm rooting for the Orks.


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