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    Default ROTDOG's Staff 40k Tale of X Gamers

    Hey all,

    The staff at Roll Of The Dice Online Games are all taking up their toolkits and paintbrushes to put together 1000pt armies in expectation of 40k 6th edition. Each staff member will be updating the blog each week with their progress (or lack thereof) and we will eventually be putting together scenery and objective markers too when not testing our army selection against one another. Below are a couple of models I have already finished as well as links to the first lot of articles. Please feel free to comment or offer up ideas!


    Lee's Orks:

    Andrew's Dark Eldar:

    Andy's Imperial Guard:

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    Craven begrudgingly comes back to Games Workshop. Its Chaos for the army challenge but he's doing it his own way!

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    High Commisaar of ROTDOG, Big Boss Andy talks about what he has planned for his Imperial Guard in today's Tale of X Gamers!

    I converted up some rough riders for Andy after having fun fielding some in my traitor guard army. Andy had a good idea of what he wanted and how he would like them to look. Playing with Mordians they needed to fit in with his theme. So he ordered a box of Empire pistoliers and handed over some bits boxes filled with dark elf, cadian and metal mordian pieces. This is what I came up with.


    Special wepon trooper


    Andy talks about his Rough Riders here:

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    Dan talks Tyranids and is lucky enough to be using an army that is getting some reinforcements in March.

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    The last army is revealed heralding the end of week one of the Tale of X Gamers!

    Next week sees army lists and the start of some proper hobbying!

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    Here is my starting 1000pts, now to get it painted!

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    The only top tier codex being used in our Tale of X Gamers. How does Babcock justify this overt display of competitiveness?

    Plus I'm painting my Wierdboy.

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    Craven has had his Khorne Flakes and is out for blood!

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    Boss Man Andy has expanded his 500pts to fit in with our army challenge. But will it allow him win a game and can we believe that there will be painting?

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    Two updates this time, Dan's Tyranids and Sids Fists.


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