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    not priming my lizardmen before painting them. I was only 12, but they are still more grey than blue...

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    Playing at a tournament where everytime I even looked in the direction of my codex or rulebook my opponent was calling the referee over, 99% of the time the referee and myself stood looking at him waiting to see why he was stopping the game, only to have him make up some crap that made no sense or had nothing to do with the game or the tournament.

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    Old Dark Eldar Codex. First time I had Vect and his Dais of Destruction. I'd spent several hours painting it up. I put it on the board and it scared my opponent so much that he shot it with a lascannon first thing. Penetrated the armor field, and destroyed the vehicle. For the rest of the game, it sat there in the middle of the board without doing anything but blocking line of sight. I still managed to pull out a draw, but what a disappointment.
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    several years ago we were playing a small tournament called Blood River Brawl in Frisco Texas and we didn't have real tables so we were using sheets of plywood on top of saw horses. As the drinks flowed and the day wore on our friend who we called "Boan" (he is huge tall and wide) leaned down to rest on the edge of his table. The entire thing flipped and about 100 models went flying! There was much weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth. Now we always "Boan Proof" our tables before we play.

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    - My first three games with my Space Wolves, my Venerable Dreadnaught got shot and destroyed in turn 1
    - My Space Wolves against Grey Kngihts (it was in 4th Edition), one unit of Grey Hunters with an attached Rune Priest was stuck in difficult terrain for 4 turns because of double 1s
    - Chaos General got killed by Tau Firewarriors (after his Demon Weapon bit him)

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    Only 3 weeks ago missing with 2 Manticores for 3 turns until they each had their missile racks blown off, psyker battle choir melting their own brains on perils of the warp, chimeras throwing their tracks coming on for dawn of war and then their contents running off the board next turn.
    That was a disappointing game, especially since I'd been asked to provide a challenge for my opponents new list.

    Not low points but in 2nd ed the fear of seeing the virus bomb strategy card appear or rolling scatter for a vortex grenade and see it head for your land raider, again. Always more fun to roll the scatter before the artillery dice, just for the moment of tension

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    I don't remember if it was 2nd or 3rd edition... but charged a 4 man squad of terminators at a rhino, mostly to get extra blew up.... and somehow took the squad with it... back in the days where terminator saves were on 2d6.

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    Wow, after reading some of these, my gaming life has been pretty darn good. Let's see how I do in the big categories:

    Personal Damage: Sliced a centimeter and a half line in my index finger trying to build wings for my Hive Tyrant. It was a bit of a mess, but superglue solved that problem pretty well.

    Property Damage: My roommate and I put down masking tape to mark out a game board on our carpet, left it there, and ruined the carpet. Lost the deposit

    Model Damage: Broke my LED-enabled Fire Prism while wrapping it in bubble wrap. In its first showing. (I count this one as my lowest)

    Game Performance: My Barbed-Strangler Warriors. I swear, they have no will to live. Even when I allocate away from them they turn that 50% chance to save into a 5%.

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    Whenever I finish painting a model / unit, it will immediately die in the early phases of the game without affecting anything, usually in a very unceremonious fashion.

    For example, my newly finished Land Raider being immobilized on the first turn, out of LoS or range of anything.

    Or Bloodletters wildly scattering on their deep strike, only to be destroyed (you get use to this with Daemons though).

    Also, I use to regularly play against a roommate of mine who didn't have much in the way of models, so there was A LOT of proxying. This annoyed me no end, as I'd always forget which unit was which, leading to many easy kills for him (eventually every unit had to be labelled to avoid confusion).

    As time passed, he started to enjoy using stupid models to proxy, just to annoy me, as there is nothing worse than your lovely converted and painted model being killed by a kids toy or such. Some favorites were pokemon toys as Wraith Guard, and a toy gingerbread man from Shrek (which he got from work) as an Avatar. So not only has my leader been killed, but he has been killed by the gingerbread man.... Sigh.

    I ended up buying him an Avatar... But of course, on the first game, he still pulled out the gingerbread man! What a guy.

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    I just experienced my most common 40k low point:

    Lack of 40k.

    Where I live there isn't anyone else into the game. My only opponent, who once lived 5 minutes away, now lives out of state. And despite at one time being geographically close games were very rare occurrences. At best 2 to 3 a year. And even then the battles never would be completed. Often ending in turn 3 or 4. But never seeing turn 6. A battle between us is something planned beginning with a phone call. The call will come and the battle supposedly will be in a couple of weeks. Then the weeks turn into months. And, as usual, they never happen.

    Usually the night before or the morning of I'll get the phone call with whatever excuse for why the battle won't happen. And many times I won't even get notice and just left hanging in the wind.

    And every damned time one of these mythical battles is planned I'll spend the entire night before getting ready. Or sometimes a couple of days. Tweaking models, painstakingly drawing up an army list, and just making other preparations. So many times I've pulled my armies off the shelf and cluttered up my table only to put them back.


    Having such a lack of battles and so many false hopes gets a bit depressing. What's the point in finishing painting up models never to be used? Or even buying more units and keeping up with updates? NONE!
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