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Thread: Lady Ayana

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    The paint job is absurd. I just wish the construction of the base matched the awesome level of the brushwork.

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    That's amazing! The level of detail on all parts of the model must have taken a good chunk of time.

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    Man... that is awesome.

    I'd really love to know the recipe for the hair because that is the best blonde I think I've seen.

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    O_O mind == blown. Model and base look wonderful!

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    Get this model out of the warhammer forums! nah just messing that model is rediculously good, well done !

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    Jaw dropping.

    I'm amazed at the skill you must have to have painted your model so well. I'd love to paint like that! 2 weeks well spent I say. I hope you enter painting competitions with your models. It would be a shame if you didn't. Although having said that, I certainly wouldn't want to be up against you for 1st prize good job!

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    Utterly, utterly, superb.... i'm supriised you can still see after painting that.


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