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    1. Titanicus.
    2. A thousand Sons.
    3. First Heretic.
    4. Mechanicum.
    5. Helsreach.

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    My top 5:
    1. Eisenhorn
    2. The Founding
    3. Prospero Burns
    4. Caiphas Cain: Defender of the Imperium
    5. Legion

    Hmm, seems I have a bit of a Dan Abnett thing going on...

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    HH, some are better, some worse, but as a whole the series is great.

    Dark Apostle and the follow-ups are good, too, They give a nice view of the Word Bearers.

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    Limiting myself to only one from each series:

    1. The Last Chancers (My first 40k book, holding a special place in my heart)
    2. The Flight of the Eisenstein (I've only read HH through Fulgrim, but I'm looking forward to Legion when I get there)
    3. Caiphas Cain
    4. Fall of Damnos
    5. And of course, the first Gaunt's Ghost

    Looking to continue HH, check out Eisenhorn and the Salamanders novels. I've read the Ultramarines Omnibus, and it's alright. Read the first Soul Drinkers book and omgwtfidonteven.

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    My favorite 40k books thusfar have been Abnett's Tanith First and Only ones. The character development in them just puts all other 40k books to shame. I'm not a huge fan of mindless action from the prospective of space marines. I strongly disliked the Space Wolf Omnibus, wasn't even a big fan of thousand suns. I've heard great things from Soul Hunter but am taking a break from 40k stuff right now. My top five probably something like this...

    1. Traitor General
    2. Only In Death
    3. Guns of Tanith
    4. Necropolis
    5. Ghostmaker

    Incidentally all Gaunt's Ghosts novels. That being said I'm not even really a huge Abnett fan, I read the first 3 Ravenor books and was somewhat disappointed. I think any 40k fan should read the Gaunt novels, though.

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    Eisenhorn trilogy.
    Ravenor returned.

    I've read one HH novel and it doesn't rate compared to these 5. The rest of them are just marine re-tellings of Paradise lost and biblical tales and about as interesting to me as the bible to read (or Lotr).

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    Storm of Iron
    13th Legion
    Legends of the Space Marines (I miss Warhammer 40k Short Stories, so this was nice)
    Dark Angels

    Not trying to be negative, but the new Horus Heresy Novels ( I read the first three) I think are not worth the read, don't really like the writing, and I liked the Legend of the times a lot more than the very detailed description which kind of takes away the mystery and power of what happened, and to me personally made it kind of lame. I realize I am in the minority on this one.

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    I still like Kal Draco the original Inquisitor book, despite the 2nd and 3rd books being let downs.

    The Horus Heresay series has good and bad books and still makes to chuckle to think the origin of the grey knights are possibily loyal Death Guard.

    Storm of Iron caused me to make an Iron Warriors army that I recently brought out of retirement, hoping the 6th ed and chaos 40k rumors are true.

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    from the books iv'e read or am reading:

    1. Eisenhorn omibus
    2.Helsreach (I play Black Templar)
    3. Kill Team (currently reading, alot better book than I thought it would be.)

    Yeah it seems there's a consensus when it comes to Dan Abnett.
    Eisenhorn, Ravenor, Gaunts Ghosts,and the Horus Heresy books seem to be the best choices.

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    It's gotta be Eisenhorn trilogy, Ultramarines trilogy, All of the Gaunt's Ghost books, Helsreach and the first 3 of the Horus Heresy


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