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    Default Bretonnians...if you still play them....what do you take?

    Just curious as to what people who are still fighting for the Lady bring to the table in the current edition of fantasy.

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    They are my wifes only army, she does quite well with them. She takes large blocks of knights and min characters. Another guy in my group takes large groups of peasents to lock units in combat then flanks you with knights. There is lots of good builds with brets. You just cant throw them at armies like you use to though, you have to use some tactics to win games. Best thing you can do is to try different things and units and play lots of games.

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    got a mte who uses 30+ peasant archers 1-2 trebs and the rest knights of some description usually quite a few characters as well does rather well with it

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    Trebuchet are still amazing! specially with no partials... I think that Bretonnians are doable as long as you recognize that their cavalry units are meant to break through flanks and use their speed to gain control of the board rather than charging them straight through a big block of infantry that most likely have 3 ranks, a banner and get steadfast due to having more ranks than you...

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    Two Trebuchets, a horde of Men at Arms with a beasts Damsel with a prayer icon and a lvl 4 Life.Three units of KOTR, one of Errants with the Errantry Banner, and a HKB Lord because our area loves monsters.



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