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    Default New FW stuff...on a monday? Feat Awesome Chaos Shiz!

    So its Monday and new FW stuff is announced!

    Firstly are the new doors for Mortalis

    Large at £15

    2 small for £15

    But most awesomly- the Chaos Decimator Demon Engine

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    Its huge. Its awesome. Costs £35. Can be taken by CSM AND Deamons

    Rules highlights include, ignoring weapon destroyed/immobilsed results on a 5+, the ability to return to play on a 6 if it is wrecked, re-roll fail to wound, strike vehicles as ordanance, do D6 flamer hits to the contents of transport vehicles on a pen hit.

    Weapons options include - a S8 Ap4 4 shot gun, a S6 Ap3 heavy D3+2, and a s5 ap5 ordance 5" rending blast.

    Arms cost £9 each.
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    Proper Nerdgasming here!

    My next army after finishing my KoptaForce will deffinitely be a Chaos list now. No questions asked, and this beasty will most deffinitely be the corrupted, corroded speartip! Front Armour 12 is great (I like playing lots of dreadnoughts!), Side armour 11 is going to be interesting making you play more carefully with him, but rear armour 11 will kinda make up for it I guess... For 155 points, plus and arm guns or chaos marks, more than fair I'd say. Especially if it gets back up fully mobile and with all it's weapons repaired. Unholy Vigour is going to be a proper beast of a rule!

    That is one hulking great model for £35 as well, even if you are going to need to pay at least £18 extra for weapons. So that'll probably be £80 for me to get all the weapon arms...

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    I'm not a chaos player, but you may be able to get a glimpse of some of the new legions rules by looking at the experimental rules of the daemon engine. There are mark specific upgrades. Cool mini. Now im not so upset that my tervigon is 4.5 inches high. With the daemon engine being 4 inches high, maybe cover rules will change in sixth edition. If this is the new face of chaos, the heck with eldar, my sixth army will be spikey marines. Cheers

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    That chaos beastie looks awesome, want me some of those for my traitor force.

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    Close the blast doors! Close the blast doors!

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    Ohh that is just nasty looking (in a totally cool way). Considering the Relic Contemptor is £32, I'm impressed that this thing which is quite a bit bigger is only £3 more, though it's weapon arms are £1.50 more than the Contemptor's ones I note. That sure is gonna be tempting when I come to choose my next army to collect.

    Also Unholy Vigour... whoever came up with that rule is one twisted monkey... give 'em a pay rise! Dreadnoughts that rise from the grave... just scary!

    Nice doors for the ZM set, though the actual boards are still too pricy for my liking.
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    Holy smokes...

    Maybe a bit too much like a warlord titan, but nice anyway.

    Would that they had done a Chaos Contemptor in place of this one, unless they are making a plastic one for the next chaos codex...

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    Yep, this is utterly utterly awesome! Great model, loads of character and some scary rules!


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