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    Wink Dark Angels 2000

    What do you think of my recent 2K point list

    This is not meant for tournaments or serious competitive play. I'm just looking for a well rounded army not to mention I already have all the models and 40% of the army painted.

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    What do you want to achieve with your army list?
    Is it becouse it's fun to play with or is it becouse of the looks? Hard to comment when i don't know what you want commented

    It looks pretty balanced to me as you got deacent firepower against infantery aswell as against tanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kanisX View Post
    What do you think of my recent 2K point list
    It looks like you put a lot of thought into what you wanted the army to look like and the modelling that you wanted to do. I think the army will be tons of fun.

    I'm not sure what feedback you are looking for, but I'll give you a couple of ideas to tune up the list (for tournaments or "heavier" games).

    So take my feedback with a grain of salt. In friendly games, there's nothing wrong with your army list -- it looks like fun. But in a heavier game, you may want to tighten up the list a bit.

    1. Plasma Pistols aren't the best choice of sidearms for important models. The range where they are useful is very narrow, so you'll only get one shot off in a game (and every once in a while, your opponent will pull a model that prevents you from charging!). They look great, but a bolt pistol is a much better use of points.

    2. I think you should consider dropping the Jump Pack from your Company Master. Unless you can put him in an Assault Squad, he's not going to accomplish much in a game.

    3. An Interrogator Chaplain is best used in a unit configured for close combat. I recommend dropping the Razorback and putting this unit in the Land Raider Crusader (with the Company Master and the Command Squad). I would also shift the special weapons into this unit toward Power Weapons and Power Fists. Again, the Plasma Pistols are just going to cause trouble (even with the Apothecary around to help).

    4. I wouldn't recommend a Plasma Gun + Multi-melta in your Tactical Squads. If you plan on using Combat Squads, I'd recommend a different heavy weapon (a Lascannon will get a LOT more shots off in a game than a Multi-melta). I also recommend a Meltagun in EVERY tactical squad. They are much more versatile than the Plasma Gun.

    5. I'd worry about Plasma Pistols on 1-wound models. I only use them sparingly in my Assault Squads (because I don't have access to better special weapons).

    6. Since you are putting a Dreadnought in a Drop Pod (good idea, by the way), I recommend spending the points on the Heavy Flamer. I'm of mixed opinion on the Multi-melta. I generally prefer the Assault Cannon.

    7. I'd consider finding the points for a Power Fist on your Bike Sergeant. With scout and the bike, this gives you the opportunity to get a S8 weapon where you need it.

    8. I'd only use the Typhoon Missile Launcher with the new Space Marine Codex. It's seriously overpriced in the DA codex.

    9. You are missing a cornerstone of a DA army -- Deathwing Terminators. With Ravenwing Bikes to put them into position, DA Terminators can be a very dangerous force to reckon with. You might want to add a squad or two when you finish with the models you are working on.

    I can't wait to see the finished army! Make sure you post pictures!

    -- Mkerr
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    Thanks Mkerr!

    Those are all great tips. Since I have not played a game with this config you're bringing up many good points.

    I think I will drop the plasma pistols and the jump pack (I only had it on him so he could get to assault quicker, but he should hang with the Command Squad for a killer unit)

    So you think the Typhoon ML is overpriced? It's only +10 points to a vanilla Land Speeder.

    Funny I had the heavy flamer on the Dread and I took it off since he was in my last game and didn't do jack The M-Melta on him worked great but that could just be my lucky roll that time.

    I'm also starting to agree with you on the Command Squad being specced for CC and dropping the melta and plasma. Jumping out of the Crusader I think would put fear in the hearts of the heretics and xenos my friends play:P

    About Deathwing, I'm working on like 4 x 5 man squads for my 3K list for Apoc thats why they are not in this one, but I'm going to re-arrange the lists once they are done and include some (gotta collect as many FW shoulder pads as possible

    So yeah I should consider the Ravenwing with homers for the Deathwing.

    I will definitely post picts on my site (which I use for my and my friends Chaos WIPs) and post here on BOLS.

    thanks again!
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    Quote Originally Posted by kanisX View Post
    So you think the Typhoon ML is overpriced? It's only +10 points to a vanilla Land Speeder.
    You get a 48" S5 AP5 Heavy 1, Blast, Linked while C:SMs get a 48" S8 AP3 Heavy 2 OR 48" S4 AP6 Heavy 2, Blast for 15 points more.

    It's just a bit tough to swallow for me. I use Typhoons from time to time (I have 3 in my Relictors army) and I love them. But I really want the S8 Heavy 2 over the S5 Heavy 1, Linked.

    -- Mkerr
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