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    Default The Battle of Five Armies

    I've been interested in trying out The Battle of Five Armies, but have yet to find anyone that has played or owns a copy. I even checked into the game at the 2011 Gamesday in Chicago, but they didn't have a demo of the game and none of the staff seemed all that experienced with the rules. I'd really like to know more about the game before I spend the cash on it.

    Does anyone have any experience with this game? Also, does anyone think the game might be changing soon due to The Hobbit coming out this year?

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    I picked up the game when it was released. It's essentially Warmaster with a couple very slight tweaks to fit it into the Tolkein universe- characters and magic specifically.

    As for re-release.... I'd doubt it, but anything's possible.

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    I haven't tried Warmaster. Is the game any fun?

    I'd like to try and get a friend of mine into table top gaming and thought this might be a good way since he is a big LotR fan. I was also thinking of maybe picking up the Mines of Moria set. I'd want the sides to be equal though, so I imagine I'd have to pick up more orcs with that.

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    The scenarios within the mines of moria set are balanced. i.e not all of the fellowship have their special rules. I haven't played it for a long time, but I do remember it being highly enjoyable.



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