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Thread: 40k in Colorado

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    Default 40k in Colorado

    Hey Folks!
    I am packing up and moving out to Denver CO (NE). I was hoping there were some local gamers that could give me the scoop on the stores and clubs in the area.

    Thanks and I look forward to all my future battles with you guys.

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    Denver is a big place, especially if you live in the metro area. Where are you going to be (which part of Denver/suburb)?

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    I game at a hobby store called Bonie Breu just off of Hamdon and Broadway. We meet every Wednesday night from 5-9 and have a upcoming multi-week tournament. If want to learn more vist I hope to see there

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    I know Colorado Springs has a Place called Gamers Haven. Normally has about 20-30 40K players there every Friday night. Gamers Haven has also held the local 'Ardboyz Semi finals the last couple years.

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    I have played a lot at a place just outside of Boulder. It is called "Stonebridge games," but there are good places in Denver, Wheatridge, Colorado Springs, Longmont, Boulder, and Fort Collins. Where are you going to be?


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    Default 40k Community

    Hey, thanks for all the great replies.

    40k in Texas has a really well developed community, and I want to build that for Colorado. If you live in Colorado and play 40k or Fantasy please join this group. Consider it a census of players, and our new home.

    This does not have to be a 1 club deal, but why not merge clubs so that we can hold our tournaments in event halls! Image 100+ players What a War we could have.

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    I would also like to know about the various shops in Colorado that have Warhammer 40k games. I moved to Colorado recently and I have really wanted to get into 40k agian. I have built different 40k models from time to time but was always too lazy to get enough of a single army to play. I live in east Colorado and I have decided it will probably be easier to order models for a army but I have no idea where any local games might take place. I am mostly hoping that I won't have to go to Denver or Colorado Spring's every time I want to buy a model/paint bottle or play a match.

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    Hate to perform and act of necromancy here and revive a dead thread, but y'all still active? Just got back into the hobby little over a month ago, and looking for more place and people to play other than that Denver Games Workshop store.
    Check it:



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