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    Default vendetta massacre!!!

    some how i killed mephiston with a vendetta. i want a awesone list with the vendetta in. any ideas???

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    STEP 1: Take Vendetta
    Step 2:
    Step 3: Play Army!

    Seriously dude, stop opening up new topics about the same thing. Make a list with units you're comfortable with and play with it. If that doesn't work then ask the community for help, and use the advice given to you if not then what was the point for the advice? Did you try the list that Bean helped you with? Sorry if i sound like a douche but seriously this is quite annoying.

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    sorry everyone anniying cousin saw obe post went on accoubr and typed loads as he read my codrx

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    So, you have ever heard of spellcheck? Way cooler than a vendetta.



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