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    Quote Originally Posted by Chumbalaya View Post
    Logan is a baws.

    Scoring Wolf Guard, Tank Hunters/Preferred Enemy/Fearless on demand, crazy statline, and all man.
    Nothing says "goodbye AV14" like Logan standing within 2" of 5 ML Long Fangs and a WG with a Cyclone. You can even split fire and pen a Landspeeder with 4x S5 storm bolter shots. You got to love Tank Hunter. Hope it doesn't get changed in 6th Ed.

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    4 Wolf Guard Battle Leaders because I love the fact that I can play with 4 HQ's!

    EDIT: Sure I could use other HQ's but they are expensive.

    EDIT 2: I like Rune Priests as well. Solid, solid unit.

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    I like to run a wolf priest out of a LRC with a wolfguard with a thunderhammer and stormshield. Also possible to toss a Wolfguard battle leader in there with a thunderhammer stormshield and saga of the warrior born.

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    Bjorn.. Especially after reading battle of the fang!!

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    It's a close one for me between the My favorite has to be the Wolf Lord on a Thunderwolf. It has so much character! Rune priests and wolf priests are a close tie for me.

    In fluff terms, however, my favorite is Ragnar Blackmane hands down. The Space Wolf book series is why I started Space Wolves, so in a sense I wouldn't have wolves without Ragnar. XD

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    pretty much love either naked priest with Living lightning and jaws and thunderwolf lord with thunder hammer SS artificer armor,with warrior born buahaha.

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    Like diferents for different things

    Runepriest, for cheap anty psy and support

    Wolf lord for killing monster

    Wolf priest for force multiplier

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    Bjorn is my favorite after reading prospero burns. I also wolf lords with runic/SS wolf tooth necklace and either frost weapon or wolf claw and wolf priests but thats because I like chaplains.

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    I love my wolf lord on thunderwolf, and I love my thunderwolves. Once I figured out how to use them, they have yet to let me down.

    I also love Bjorn's fluff, both in Prospero Burns and Battle of the Fang. I have a forgeworld space wolf dread. Coming that I plan on making in to Bjorn's and than trying him out in a few games. An ancient dreadnought that's almost impossible to kill? I think yes!

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    Rune Priests in termie armor with living lightening and hurricane for me.
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