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Thread: 40 k tattoos?

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    it really depends on the person and the mood i'm feeling. i'm i'm tired or just dont care about the person lol, i'll just tell them its a maori star or a compass rose. but if theyre a good person or if i'm a good person ill explain what it is and why i got it.
    abu seems like an interesting tattoo choice. haha i saw a guy with the coolaid man on his thigh. that was entertaining. haha
    and as for my job, i wear sleeves so i always end up concealing it anyways, as i would do for any formal event. but if i'm ever at a gw store its always a great conversation piece.
    so in review i'm still very happy that i got this tattoo.
    40k: Yme-loc Eldar
    Fantasy: Ogres! lots of ogres!

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    So.... If Games-Workshop decided to defend their Intellectual Property and go after people who have WFB, or 40k Tattoos. Who would be held responsible? The Artist or the person wearing it??
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    Crux Terminatus on the shoulder, -]I[- somewhere, Craftworld symbols, all cool.

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    I've always thought that if I ever DID get a tatoo, it would be the Thousand Suns ouroboros over a chaos star.
    I'm thinking it'd probably turn out more like Daleks playing Quiddich. "It is the Potter!! EXTERMINATE! EXTERMINATE! " (someone I know on twitter)

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    Got this slapped on yesterday.

    Could not be more pleased

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    Saw a dwarf slayer with black templar symbol and a crux terminatus last weekend, looked good but back to front lol

    However the process of robo-insemination is far too complex for the human mind!
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    That's just a little to much for me there Mr chili dog. Just the Dark Angels symbol or the iron halo skull (right shoulder pad) with the writing would be more to my liking. Guess I would be afraid of the ink fading out to the point that someone would have to rework it or something and just not get it right. Oh well......

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    Dark Eldar tattoo from my old whych cult army back in the days. Its placed on my forearm

    Now planning on a crimson fist logo on the same arm.

    Funny note: my wife has a tzeetch mark on a rather private place ^^ (she wouldnt let me take a pic of it. so dont ask )


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