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    Arrow Advanced Space Crusade

    Advanced Space Crusade was a game designed by Jervis Johnson to be played as an open-ended series within the greater 40K universe, as a recreation of the First or Second Tyrannic War in which Tyranid Hive Fleets beset upon humanity.

    The first documented attack was upon the outpost of Tyran in 745.M41 [4]. Hive Fleet Behemoth overran the isolated Adeptus Mechanicus Explorator Base with overwhelming force, and stripped the world of all life. A data-codex recording the invasion was stored deep below the base's command bunker and was recovered almost a year later by Inquisitor Kryptman, a far-sighted Inquisitor who had been dispatched to investigate the reports of unexplained dead worlds. Analyzing the codex, Kryptman realised the grave threat that was entering the galaxy and became determined to warn the Imperium. Being the first time the Imperium had encountered this new alien race, they were named after the planet Tyran.

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    As Tyranid player you choose a range of Tyranids and bio-constructs to defend the hive-ship (including mind-slaves from other races), and as the Space Marines you can assault the ship with a force that includes everything from scouts, power armored space marines, terminator marines, and more.

    White Dwarf released rules for Orks and Imperial Guardsmen, and Eldar rules are also available.

    On top of it all, the board sections are completely compatible with Space Hulk corridor and room sections, so you can really create some interesting scenarios for stand-alone battles if you don't want to run the ASC mission campaign. However, the campaign is the beauty, watching with anticipation as the marines explore the ship running into many types of encounters - from ancient artifacts, deadly traps & ambushes, mysterious strangers, and objectives to battle over.

    Additionally, the rules give suggestions for incorporating any new models which you want to try out which were not included in the core manual.

    What really sets ASC apart from Hulk is that in ASC both sides units can 'react' to each other in a game mechanic that does not involve command points. This allows for lots of interesting back-and-forth play and doesn't see one side dominating because of a high CP draw, or losing because of a low one. There are many other differences, but also many similarities that make learning the new system easy.

    Some rules such as putting models in 'cover' gives them a better armor rating, and hero models may have 'Fate Points' which gives them an ability to tilt the battle a little. Another great feature is that lightly-armed and armored units may pass thru each other, unless they are 'Unmaneuverable' like a Terminator, heavy weapon, or massive Tyranid warrior.

    White Dwarf 132 is here (Imperial Guard ASC):
    and 134 (Orks ASC):

    Once you have some experience with the game, you may wish to try Eldar available here:

    Bottom line, get yourself a copy if possible. They do still exist, and it will breathe a lot of life into both Hulk and ASC games if they are able to compliment each other.

    I'll continue this thread another time with some ASC errors and misprints, and some great fixes for minor problems left in game mechanics when GW abandoned the game-board for the table-top.
    It's really too bad they let the genre go like that, because small squad battles in close quarters is not only a lot of fun, but potentially more affordable since you only need infantry, and maybe dreadnought or two for the option rules. But therein the answer lies perhaps. Hard to sell vehicles with a game-board format right? Oh well.

    Talk at ya guys later! -
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    Where can I get a copy of the board? Sounds interesting.

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    I wanted to draw attention to this game again, because I have been having so much fun playing it with various people who all have expressed appreciation for this mostly forgotten title. Even though it's out of print, I was able to contact GW to get a rules clarification from none other than the game designer himself, the famous Jervis Johnson. The question was regarding the 'Ambush' scenario, and whether the Marines may begin in 'Cover', and 'Overwatch' stance despite being "surprised". Considering a scout unit may be overwhelmed with 3:1 odds under 'Ambush', the ruling makes sense even though at first read it's counter-intuitive.

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    For those wondering what ASC even looks like in play, here's a quick example shot of the board layout in 'Ambush' scenario.

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    There are still random copies available such as one currently on Ebay that's listed as complete (looks in great shape!) and an absolute STEAL at $76. I would pick it up but I currently have 3 copies which is more than enough for my needs. DATED 3/29/17

    I'm looking forward to other people being able to share their ASC game experiences!

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