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    Incoming 145
    A secret transmission was intercepted by the GW website which seems to be related to the empire and 145.

    video can be found

    It seems to have a small empire shield symbol so naturally fantasy related.

    Edit: oh and whatever it is happens this saturday
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    Yep, paint range, though the Empire shield may be a subtle hint at the fact April will also a see an Empire release. If it does, obviously.
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    GW is so tight-lipped on everything...they finally release a trailer and it is for paint. What a waste.

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    I personally think these teaser trailers are a waste of marketing money in general.

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    Well, GW does like throwing their cash at odd trifles. All I want is paint that doesn't dry up.

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    Yay, new paint names !!

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    more paints could be cool- as long as they're actually quite different colors from what we already have

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    Why 145? Is that how many colours are in the new range?



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