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    Thanks guys.

    Fully painted armies on a table filled with terrain is certainly what makes the hobby great for me. Unfortunately my friend hasn't started painting his Americans as he has been busy with his 40k army. But he has just got himself an airbrush so once its painted Im sure il have some more photos of our games to go on here.


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    I picked some half tracks up at Salute.

    Here are a couple of WIP shots.


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    Apart from the crew these are nearly finished. I shall be paiting them as SS troops so Ive got to get some different paints before I can actually paint them.

    I've also added another objective to the army.

    This all took a little longer to paint than planned as I got distracted making and painting some scenery. I've got a decent amount now and il get some photos the next time I play a game.


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    I've spent the past few weeks working on my table and finally got a few games on it last friday.

    I've ordered some buildings and have enough material to make some more bocage but Im taking a break to paint up some SS while I wait for the buildings to arrive.

    We played three games in total. I won two. The one I lost was a very close game. The toughest mission was the final game of the day. Fighting withdrawal. How do you dig out british paratroopers!?! I managed in the end but boy it was tough.

    Heres a couple of shots.

    Tigers are ambushed! The Brits bailed hit the side armour with there full rate of fire at close range, but only managed to bail a single tiger.

    Help quickly arrives from the panzergrenadiers.

    From the few games we have played together it seems;

    Tigers are near unstoppable. Some serious anti tank needs to be invested in.
    Dug in Fearless Veteran Infantry and damn hard to shift!
    Nebelwerfers are crap!

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    Unfortunately I've gone over the limit on my Photobucket account so I've started using my other account. The bandwidth should be back to normal soon and hopefully the new account will solve the problems.

    Heres a few WIP shots to keep you going.

    I got the SS Boxset for my birthday and have made, based and sprayed them all brown.

    As the box came with some panzerschrecks and I now have a bunch of halftracks I've decided to paint these up if I ever want to field some Panzer Lehr.


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    Finished the Panzer Lehr Panzerschrecks. Combined with the half tracks I now have the option to field a panzer lehr army or a standard panzer grenadier army. You have got to love the amount of options available with this game.

    After getting hold of a motorbike my command now has one,

    I've also made some progress on the SS army. The Pak40 platoon in particular,

    I am hoping to use them in a game tonight hence the small amount of static grass. I've yet to paint the crew because I need to get some paint for the peadot camo.


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    Heres a sneaky peak of whats up next.

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    Oh those airstrikes! I once had an entire Straf company annihilated in a similar fashion. Fortunately for me I had two more where that one came from!

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    The airstrikes can be a real pain but my AA seems to be pretty effective at dealing with any planes.

    Recently Ive been side tracker with 40k. But I have done some Flames Of War scenery. Two hills,

    I also have a small village which I shall be showing off soon.


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    All looking really amazing, almost inspires me to finally get around to painting my Panzergrenadier Lehr... if I wasn't sidetracked as well currently by Infinity.

    I'm assuming those all are BF models (or at least look like them), how'd you deal with the large metal infantry bases? If looks like you you clipped them off, or is that just a really good pumice job?


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