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    They are all battlefront apart from the half tracks. I mostly sanded the bases down or clipped parts off.


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    Long time no post!

    I got together a whole new SS army undercoated and ready for painting along with a whole village ready to be mounted up and painted. But then..... I got side tracked with the new edition of 40k.

    I played a couple of games today against my friends British armour. It was his first game of Flames Of War despite him collecting it for the last six years he finally has 1000pts of British armour. HQ in Cromwells with attached AA, Two platoons of Cromwells with Fireflys and a unit of 2 M10s. I took my HQ, Two platoons of Panzer Grenadiers, Anti Aircraft guns and a unit of Panzer 1V's.

    Ignore the Panzers and AA as they deployed in Ambush later. The rest of my units were held in reserve.

    The brits stormed down the road to claim the first objective before my reserves could arrive.

    But the Panzer 1V's sprung a deadly ambush and destroyed the whole platoon in one devastating round of fire.

    Our armour traded shots for several turns before the infantry closed in to finish the job after the Panzers failed there moral.

    In the end the Infantry won the day.


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    Cheers guys,

    Recently finished up some terrain for the board.

    Ploughed crop fields.

    Some ponds from Flames Of War which I airbrushed and then added some water effect onto it.

    Also quickly painted up this church,

    The church and walls are from,


    I created a base for it and added some graves and a war memorial from peter pig.

    Hope you like it.


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    Nice work. By any chance if the ploughed field corrugated cardboard?

    I do really like the church. I would say that the graves are a bit far apart, but if they weren't you wouldn't get many infantry bases between them lol. The two-tone grey you've used is really effective though.
    Always thinking 2 projects ahead of anything I've yet to finish

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    They are indeed corrugated card, easy and quick to make.

    I had to spread the grave stones out so I could fit a infantry base in between them. I like the idea of the units running through a grave yard under fire. Should look cool in a game.


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