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    Default Blood, Guts, and Glory Question?????

    Does anyone know if rules for general patton will be in the new book?

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    I seem to recall hearing that he will be in the book. I'm honestly not 100% sure on that, however.

    I do know that it will have Sherman Jumbos, Easy-8's, and the Tank Destroyer Company. So US Armored lists in LW will have a lot more teeth than just piles of 75mm and 76mm Shermans, with the possibility of some allied Crocodiles.

    By the way, iiirc Jumbos are up-armored quite a bit, while the Easy-8 can ignore the -1 for Stabilizers so long as it doesn't move faster than 1/2 speed.

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    Thanks and sorry for not responding sooner. I just converted a miniature for patton so hoping he will be in the book.

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    I can confirm that he is in the book, and he is a Warrior HQ team. If I recall correctly, he gets his own transport to drive around in. He's not cheap to run at all, and makes your list into 'Always Attack', and comes with motivation-related bonuses.

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    Thanks for the answer.
    I had nearly the same question)
    Now I know the necessary data!




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