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    Default WoC Rumour Roundup

    Quote Originally Posted by Avian@Warseer
    Warriors of Chaos rumour summary

    Time scale
    Supposedly fourth quarter 2012. If this is the case, then most likely October, since there is no tradition of releasing army books in December and November will probably be devoted to the new Hobbit game.
    Thus if it is indeed out Q4, it will most likely be on Saturday the 6. of October. If it's around that time, but no actually Q4, then candidates are 1. of September and 5. of January 2013.
    Or Q4 could be wildly inaccurate. Most years have had 3 army book releases, so it is likely that something will be out this year, probably in the second half of the year, but it could also be something like Dwarfs, Dark Elves, Bretonnia, Daemons or Wood Elves.

    Miniature releases

    Updates for existing models¨
    For the three latest releases, the entire model range has been available in either plastic or resin apart from the old classic model (ex: Zacharias on Zombie Dragon, presumably because there was little interest in converting him to resin when there is a new plastic Zombie Dragon out). Assuming that this trend continues, the following changes would need to be made:

    - Lords of Khorne, Slaanesh, Tzeentch and Nurgle on various daemonic mounts: Resin (almost certainly) or plastic (unlikely)
    - Champions of Khorne, Slaanesh, Tzeentch and Nurgle on foot: Resin or plastic (either equally likely)
    - Sigvald and Wulfrik: Resin
    - unmarked Sorcerer on foot: Resin (most likely as there is already a plastic version)
    - Nurgle Sorcerer on foot: Resin or plastic (either equally likely)
    - unmarked Sorcerer on steed: Resin (most likely) or plastic (possible)
    - Dechala: Resin or kept as metal

    - Galrauch / Chaos Dragon: Plastic (most likely) or no new model and a plastic version released later (unlikely). Presumably the plastic Dragon would have the option for variant riders or be kept unridden to represent Galrauch. It may or may not include parts for a plastic special character rider (likely to be the old Engrim van Horstmann if so).

    - Chaos Chariot / Warshrine: Plastic (almost certainly). Obvious candidate for a plastic kit as the current chariot model is very, very old. The description of the Warshrine makes it likely that the kit will build either model, but it may also be that there will be two plastic models based on the same basic design (as with the Empire War Alter and Wizard Wagon kits). It has been suggested that there may be variant creatures pulling the chariot and if the two get separate kits, then this is likely. Presumably it would be a Daemonic steed of some sort.

    - Chosen: Resin (most likely) or plastic (less likely). With the amount of units needing to be redone, it is most likely that this unit will be converted to resin now and then later there will be a new plastic kit that makes Warriors or Chosen.

    - Chaos Ogres: Resin (most likely) or plastic (less likely). Similarity to the "normal" Ogres suggest that these will be converted to resin and get a plastic kit at some later date.

    - Chaos Trolls: see Chaos Ogres

    - Dragon Ogres: Plastic (most likely) or resin (less likely). The Dragon Ogres are very old models and no models exist to cover the additional hand weapon upgrade, thus it is likely that these will get a new plastic kit. The kit will most likely be 3 models and may or may not include new options the unit doesn't currently have (ex: standard bearer, musician, shields, etc.).

    - Scyla: Resin (almost certainly)

    In summary, these kits are most likely to be made into plastic:
    - Chaos Dragon / Galrauch
    - Chariot / Warshrine
    - Dragon Ogres
    It is unlikely but not impossible that there will be updates for existing plastic kits (Warriors or Marauders), but presumably this will happen later and not at the release of the book.

    Existing units with no models
    With the three latest releases, all units and characters have gotten models released for them when the book came out. With the two first 8th edition books, this is not the case (ex: There is still no Hierotitan model and it took quite a while before the Mangler Squig model was released), so we can't be certain of this.

    - Forsaken: Plastic (most likely) or resin (less likely). The unit's rules are miserable and there are no existing models, so it is likely that there will be some improvement in at least one area here.

    - Warshrine: (see Chaos Chariot entry above)

    - Kholek: Unlikely to get a model at the moment, though when there is eventually a Shaggoth plastic kit, it is likely that this will include optional parts for Kholek.

    - Valkia, Vilitch, Festus, Throgg: May or may not get resin models.

    Brand new units
    There is a trend for new army books to get at least three brand new units added to the list, though these have not lacked models for existing units (WoC lack both Forsaken and Warshrines), so we don't know. Traditionally, it has been very difficult or impossible to guess at exactly what these units will be. For the last four books, Sphinxes and Demigriffon Knights have been expected, while Sepulchral Stalkers, Necropolis Knights, Hierotitans, Coven Thrones, Mortis Engines, Hexwraiths, Crypt Horrors, Vargheists, Celestial Hurricanums and Luminarchs of Hysh have not (until someone got a look at the models).
    Thus while we can all guess at Chosen Knights riding Daemonic Mounts, don't be surprised if this doesn't happen.

    Distribution of brand new units in 8th by type has been as follows:
    Infantry: 0
    Cavalry: 1
    Warbeasts: 0
    Swarms: 0
    Monstrous infantry: 2
    Monstrous cavalry: 3
    Monstrous beasts: 1
    Chariots: 5
    Monsters: 6
    War machines: 0

    With the 8th army book releases, very little have been known about the rules until a few weeks before release. If the WoC book follows this trend, there will proably be some time until get anything reliable.
    WoC on.

    Shut up, couldn't think of a better pun and I'm bored.
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    I think, as puns go, it's quite a good one. All sounds interesting, not my cup of tea, but given how awesome the recent releases have been, I'm looking forward to seeing what they do with Chaos. Bretonnia or WE this year is just wishful thinking though!
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    Shut up, couldn't think of a better pun and I'm bored.
    Oh come on... if you were THAT bored you would have been able to come up with a wittier pun.

    As for WoC rumors... sounds about right. A relatively unknown rumor monger posted awhile back on Warseer that he (or a friend, I forget which) had seen a WIP Throgg figure.

    Also, I think (again, memory may be failing me here) that Darnok over at Warseer hinted strongly that WoC would see some sort of Monstrous Cavalry.

    Honestly, of all the fantasy lines that need an overhaul (in the miniatures department, not rules department) it's chaos. They have so much old metal and missing figs that it really is quite absurd. Combined with their severe lack of diversity when it comes to unit types (They have three flavors of whacking people in the face, Inf, Cav, and MI).
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    I wouldn't have thought their playstyle would change much. WoC have been about hitting people hard for donkey's years. I would be amazed if they get any missile troops and very surprised if they get any more artillery (especially with Warhammer Forge handling the Chaos Dwarfs so well).
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    I'm not suggesting that they will get missile troops or artillery... only that I think we might see more things along the lines of army buffs similar in vein to the wizard-mobiles in Empire (or just an expansion on the Chaos Warshrine).

    I do think Chaos should get a unit of flyers perhaps as well and some monstrous cavalry.

    If they received any missile troops (at all) I would think they would simply add bows as an option to marauder horsemen... but I think that is extremely doubtful.

    My complaint about Chaos more lies with their preponderance of metal figs and the number of units and characters with no figures at all.
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    I agree with the model needing updating to plastic/FC, they do have quite ab it of metal stuff/stuff with no models at all
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    well i think if they do dragon ogres of plastic, those will probably be the monstrous cavalry (almost every army seems to get). Maybe another monstrous beast i could imagine something like a large chaos spawn (hopefully with different sets of arms to show which god is responsible for it).
    id like to see a new version of the chaos warriors (if i remember right there is no helberd included) and the marauders. Id wish for more mutations and stuff like that (but since the 8. edition is the Disney version of Warhammer there probably wont be anything like that).

    I for my part like it when you dont get a miniature for everything, especially when its special Characters. You can make one yourself easyly, and most of the time the special character has a different look in your mind than the miniature they make for it.

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    i was thinking about getting dragon ogres. was a bit turned off by the fact they were metal. that being said do they perform well in battle alongside a chaos army? i suppose finecasting them would be natural, they finecasted the shaggoth afterall. and he's just a really big dragon ogre.

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    im kinda looking forward to Warriors of Chaos, hopefully there will be some interesting releases that fit in my Slaanesh Marauder army.

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    Quote Originally Posted by eldargal View Post
    WoC on.

    Shut up, couldn't think of a better pun and I'm bored.
    WoCa WoCa WoCa

    Your pun cracked me up.


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