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    To be fair, Darklink, Draigo-wing in a kill points game is extremely difficult for most opponents. It really is almost impossible to win without wiping them off the table, and (since there are no objectives other than stay alive) there really is no "lateral play" that gives you an advantage in that situation.

    I generally agree with you when it comes to the state of the GK codex and the appropriate way to tackle them, but I do generally draw a line at the Draigo-wing / kill points scenario. It's not impossible to beat, but it is a tough, tough game for virtually any army, and there aren't really any clever movement shenanigans that mitigate it.

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    I win some games and lose some games. I am more of a casual player than a tournament player. I play every single week at my LGS with a great bunch of guys. I feel that Grey Knights is a horribly unbalanced codex that is not much fun to play against. It seems to be easier for Draigowing players to win than for anyone else. I've had some victories against GKs with my Genestealer army but only by the skin of my teeth and only by scenario-win. I am at the point where I'll probably turn down GK pick up games because they're just not fun to play against. I am a veteran player and have always been a fan of pick-up games (it's a great way to meet new people) but who wants to spend two hours being destroyed in detail? So, yes, GKs deserve the hate (in my humble opinion). It is what it is... Copeland
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