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    Nice job on the squad. Keep up the great work. BA83

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    Rather than start a new topic, I decided to resurrect this one. I managed to finish this army in time for The Alamo 40K Gt this past weekend. The entire army was painted between 4/16/12 and 5/17/12. As of 5/1, I had one squad finished and a second in progress. Between 5/7 and 5/17 I assembled and painted the drop pod, and 52 infantry models. Lack of sleep and over-consumption of caffeine were involved. The late nights paid off though; I received my second Best Painted Army award, and won 3rd in the Player's choice competition. Since I was trying to win best painted, and enjoy a weekend of meeting new gamers and rolling dice (with a smattering of adult beverages thrown in for good measure) the effort was a resounding success! Without further ado, here's some least a few. I tried posting everything and was told I am limited to 4 images; so here's a taste of what the models look like. If you want more, then say so!

    A couple 1st squad tactical marines with their sergeant. yep, 25 other tactical marines not pictured....they look....well, just like these! nuff said

    All 3 Tactical squad photo!

    Sssshhhh! Don't piss off these Librarians! Ultramarines Librarian with Gate of Infinity and Null Zone. Only got to use Gate at the Alamo: its HILARIOUS to see the look on their face when suddenly a bunch of terminators "bamf" across the table into their lines! The other is an Exorcist Chapter Librarian seconded to the Deathwatch, with Null Zone and Machine Curse.

    A view of the whole army on its rotating display board.


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