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    Default Bookcase displays

    I found this when I was busy looking for something else and it gave me mad ideas for one of my display cases.

    I'm thinking of doing a library for my grey knights based on a story in the codex but I'm way more interested in what to do with my WoC army. I'm wondering if any of you have done displays like this? And if any of you have do you have any pictures you are willing to share?

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    wow ive never seen a display like that and thats really cool! i suppose its alos good because buildings are half price (buy a gw building and saw it down the middle :P
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    That looks great.

    One thing I'd throw out there for consideration for anyone doing this themselves is that you not use entire buildings. Using buildings that are only about 1" deep (with some variation for realism) let you have more display for your minis without sacrificing display quality. Model railroaders do this very frequently.
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    That is quite nice way of displaying models. GW should use that for osme of their display cases at Warhammer World
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