Hereís a new battle report featuring Jamarís Skorne taking on my Trollbloods.

Jamarís List:

Titan Cannoneer
Cyclops Savage
Cyclops Brute
Basilisk Drake x 2
Basilisk Krea
Max. Nihilators
Min. Beast Handlers

My List:

Max. Fennblades + UA
Max. Burrowers
Min. Kreil Stone + Ua
Fell Caller

Deployment: Jamar won the roll off and opted to go first. From top to bottom he deployed: Nihilators, Morghoul, Drake, Beast Handlers, Brute, Cannoneer, Krea, Savage and the other Drake. From top to bottom I deployed: Runebearer, Bomber, Impaler, Kriel Stone Bearers, Madrak, Fennblades, Fell Caller and Burrowers ADíd.

The scenario we played this game was Close Quarters, in which a player score control points for controlling the 8″ diameter zone close to their opponents board edge and the first player to 3 points wins. The killbox rule is also in effect for the scenario. The larger rocky area centered in the bottom of the pic is a hill.