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Thread: dark eldar

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    Currently my army is known as >THE KABAL RAINING BULLETS< ...brOOtal...

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    got my citadel spraygun working again yesterday. thats gonna make my life easy. i got it for my 350 model nid army and it was fail like fail is. so now it works. made my 3 razorwings purple as well as the tops of 3 venoms. used enough paint to hit the first bar on the bottle. talk about efficient.

    finaly got some grass tufts. added to wych unit. i like.

    heres my army in all its WIP glory...

    plus recent megaforz addition...

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    one of my wyches:


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    Impressive collection of decadence and depravity. You should do up a board ala "Armies on Parade" style when you get done.
    "Go ahead. Roll the dice and see if I get to eat your spleen."

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    nothing feeds an archons withered heart like a few well placed words.

    thats actually one of the many things on my to do list. that particular item has been there since my 2nd ed eldar army. the display board got chopped up into more scenery. it was only polystyrene. these days my hammertime to-do list is actually kinda scary... been thinking about it recently.

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    Flippin' ell! How many points is that horde?
    Blood Angels Army Project

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    will be 8000+ when my tantalus and reaper get here. it might be that now, i havent played, hence added up my list in about 6months. had some alround downtime there for a while. chronic fatigue is killer.

    my nids easily hit 12-13 thousand points. we're haveing an apoc saturday next week at the local, i think i'll be using both(!)... so i'll probably know then if you really need numbers rest easy.. not all by myself; we're getting the young folk more acustomed to big games so i'll have a minion or two and proabably be supplying minnies for both sides.

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    got some wip 'over the top' razorwing bases for ya's. some kind of group caption for the the three like '*multiple thermo-nuclear devices detected captn... explosion immenent... can we >not< investigate this one?*'

    theres going to be fire and smoke on the black tree to the far right

    caption: 'bobs taking too long... oh shhhhhhh!'


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    not so clear under stealers foot and blutac 3rd nuke triggered by stealer caught up in the kill... caption: 'bet you didnt see this comming.... OOOPS!?'

    some flicks of my nice newly sprayed razors. was gonna start painting em - got distracted by 40k battle accessories and trees had been saving for a rainy day(raining right now ironicly!) ...turned into sudden brainstorm of needs dead dude... needs reason dudes dead,,, needs more... becomes out of control nuculear crisis... go figure.

    appart from some landscaping, pose alteration, gun swapping and greenstuffing im gonna do area effect lighting on the three nukes. a couple of firsts for me. beggining with the dioramic base itself.

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    highlights nearing completion.


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