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    Default Mantis Warriors plan (WIP)

    Thats what I am planning to do ,
    so what do you think , could it work

    2 HQ

    Ahazra Redth

    P-weapon , plasma , Melta-b , digi

    Com Squad
    P-fist, Melta, flamer
    Drop Pod

    Shooty Guard 1
    2 C-plas, 1 C-flam , 1 C-melta , P-fist

    Shooty Guard 2
    2 C-plas, P-fist

    3x 10 men tacticals
    1 melta, 1 flamer, 1 plas , 1 h-bolter, 1 Las-C

    2x 5 men Devas
    2 miss-l per squad

    Every unit will infiltrate except the captain , he will take the com-squad and will drop where he is
    needed .

    What i see is that i miss ap2 weapons
    and such cc-monsters as Logan Grimnar , Vulkan or a dread Knight could walk with ease in cc
    and that worrys me quite a bit

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    How can your units Infiltrate?

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    Ahazra Redth he is a Special char , from Forgeworld

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    Quote Originally Posted by egorene View Post
    Ahazra Redth he is a Special char , from Forgeworld
    Ah. In that case I will refrain from commenting on him, as I am not familiar with Forge World rules. I thought it was a fancy name for your captain

    I would also reformat your army list a bit. The way I read your tactical squads is 3 10-man units, each with Flamer, Melta, Plasma, Heavy Bolter, and Lascannon, which is definitely illegal. Let us know which units have which. And tell us the name of the unit as it appears in the Codex... most people won't know what "shooty guard' are. Took me a second to figure out.



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