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    Default Helpful table of uniform colors(Vallejo) for WWII/Dust

    This is reposted with much thanks to Gary Wild over at - The link will take you to Gary's original post. Photo examples can be found posted by Brzeczyszczykiewicz over at military Thanks to him as well.


    German Army WWII

    Uniforms V 830 German Field Gray
    Collar V970 Deep Green
    Jack boots Black
    Low boots V822 German Brown Black
    Waders V830 Field Gray
    Webbing Black
    Or V822 German Brown Black
    Ammo pouches Black
    Or V822 German Brown Black
    Or V986 Deck Tan
    Haversack V986 Deck Tan
    Canteen V822 German Black Brown
    Or V846 Mahogany Brown
    Mess Tin V967 Olive Green
    Gasmask Can V922 Neutral Gray
    Helmet V995 German Grey
    Reed Green Uniform V920 German Uniform

    Basic Uniform 1939+
    Tunic German uniform 920
    Trousers Neutral grey 992
    Webbing Black 950
    Ordinance Green Yellow Olive 892
    Field cap German fieldgrey WWII 830
    Helmet Olive Green 967
    Tunic Collar Black green 980

    Basic Uniform 1941+
    Tunic German fieldgrey WWII 830
    Trousers German fieldgrey WWII 830
    Webbing Black 950
    Ordinance Green Yellow Olive 892
    Field cap German fieldgrey WWII 830
    Helmet Olive Green 967
    German Grey 995*
    Tunic Collar German fieldgrey WWII 830

    Basic Uniform 1944+
    Tunic Russian Uniform 924
    Trousers Russian Uniform 924
    Webbing Black 950
    Ordinance Green Yellow Olive 892
    Field cap German fieldgrey WWII 830
    Helmet Olive Green 967
    German Grey 995*
    Tunic Collar Russian Uniform 924
    Ammo Pouches HL Grey 994

    Uniform Variations 1944+
    Tunic English uniform 921
    Trousers English uniform 921
    Webbing Yellow ochre 913
    HL Grey 994
    Ordinance Green Yellow ochre 913
    Field cap Russian Uniform 924
    Helmet Yellow ochre 913
    Anklets Green 975

    Tropical Uniform/Desert
    Uniform Yellow ochre 913
    Khaki 988
    Desert Yellow 977
    Webbing Mahogany brown 846
    Sand Yellow 916
    Ordinance Yellow Dark sand 847
    Field cap Yellow ochre 913
    Helmet Tan Yellow 912
    Boots Red Leather 818

    Panzer Crew 1939-1945
    Field Cap Neutral Grey 992
    Beret Black
    Officer Cap German Uniform 920
    Cap/Tunic/Trousers Black
    Grey 994
    Waffenfarbe Sunset Red 802
    Belt/Boots Black
    Grey 994
    Shirt/Gloves Neutral Grey 992

    Splinter Camo
    Base Colour (pale) Pastel Green 885
    Base Colour (dark) Russian Uniform 924
    Base Colour (marsh) Buff 976
    Brown Colour Beige Brown 875
    Green Colour Luftwaffe Cam Green 823
    Raindrop colour Black Green 980

    Bread Bag German Grey 995
    Webbing/Pouches Chocolate Brown 872
    Water Bottles " "
    Holsters " "

    1939-1940 Plain Green
    Helmet German Grey 995
    Smock/Helmet Cover Green Grey 886
    Trousers/Pouches Field Grey 830

    Crete-1945 Splinter
    Smock/Cover German Camo Beige- base 821
    Luftwaffe Camo Green-camo 823
    Flat Brown-camo 984
    Trousers/Pouches Fieldgrey 830

    N. Africa and Italy Camo
    Smock/cover German Camo Beige-base 821
    Luftwaffe Camo Green-camo 823
    Flat Brown-camo 984
    Trousers/Pouches Desert Yellow 977

    Italian Camo Pattern
    Olive Grey-base 888
    Germ Camo Med Brown-camo 826
    Sand Yellow-camo 916


    US Vallejo Colors

    Mid-war, North Africa
    Helmet 887 Brown Violet
    Jacket and Waders 988 Khaki
    Jackets 837 Pale Sand
    Pants 873 US Field Drab
    Belt and Webbing 886 Green Grey
    882 Middlestone
    Boots 984 Mahogany Bro
    818 Red Leather
    HBT shirt 893 Dark Green

    NW Europe, D-Day and Beyond
    Helmets 887 Brown Violet
    Uniform 893 US Dark Green
    Mackinaw Jacket 874 US Tan Earth
    Webbing 914 Green Ochre
    886 Green Grey
    Boots and Scarves 846 Mahogany Brown Trousers 846 Mahogany Shoecaps Black

    Windjacket 988
    HBT overalls 893 US Dark Green
    Helmet 887 Brown Violet
    Goggles 872

    Uniform 80% 882 Middlestone + 20% 893 US Dark Green
    Webbing 886 Green Grey
    Helmet 897 Brown Violet
    Jump Boots 984 Flat Brown

    Airborne Midwar and DDay
    Uniform 977 Yellow
    Jump Boots 879 Brown
    Webbing 819 Iraqi Sand
    Helmet 896 Dark Green
    Buckles 790 Silver
    Wood 879 Brown
    Scabbard 968 Green
    Elbow/Knee Patches 879 Green
    Spade cover 819 Iraqi Sand
    Holster 879 Brown
    Gas Mask Bag Black, HL 994 Grey

    Glider Troops
    Jacket/Leggings 988 Khaki
    Trousers 973 US Field Drab
    Webbing 914 Green Ochre
    886 Green Grey
    Helmet 887 Brown Violet
    Boots 984 Flat Brown

    Camo Suit
    Base 821 German Camo beige
    Camo 984


    British WWII Uniforms

    Western Europe 1944-45
    Uniform/Jacket V983 Flat Earth
    V921 English Uniform*
    Canadian Uniform variant V924 + V887 Mix pf Russian Uniform and Brown Violet
    Anklets V912 Tan Yellow*
    V819 Sand
    Beret khaki V983 Flat Earth
    maroon V909 Vermillion
    sand V837 Pale Sand
    black Black
    Boots Black
    V822 German Black Brown*
    Webbing V986 Deck Tan
    V912 Tan Yellow*
    V821 German Camo Beige
    V819 Sand*
    Entrenching Tool V822 German Black Brown
    Tea mug V822 German Black Brown
    Helmet V967 Olive Green
    V896 Dark Green*
    Water Bottle V879 Brown
    Helmet "scrim" V983 Flat Earth
    Punjabi Turbans V988 Khaki
    Metal Parts V801 Brass
    Rank Insignia V951 White
    Base V988 Khaki
    Stripes V884 Stone Grey
    Infantry Branch Color V817 Scarlet

    BEF France 1940
    Uniform V921 English Uniform
    Webbing/Anklets V866 Green Grey
    V988 Khaki
    V924 Russian Uniform
    V819 Iraqi Sand
    Helmet V924 Russian Uniform
    V896 Green
    Water bottle V846 Mahogany Brown
    V822 German Camo Black Brown
    Boots/Scabbard Black, HL V944
    Denim Fatigues/Tanker suit V988 Khaki
    Cap Insignia V801 Brass
    Ground Sheet V979 Dark Green
    Wooden Parts V879 Brown
    Service Color, Infantry V957 Red

    North Africa
    Khaki Drill Uniform V819 Iraqi Sand*
    V847 Dark Sand
    Battle Dress V921 British Uniform
    Webbing/Pouches V884 Stone Grey*
    V819 Iraqi Sand
    Socks V988 Khaki
    Helmets V988 Khaki
    V847 Dark Sand*
    V819 Iraqi Sand
    Water Bottle V879 Brown
    Rank Chevrons V951 White
    Boots V822 German Camo Black Brown*
    V994 Grey
    Wooden parts V879 Brown
    Buckles V801 Brass
    Anti-gas Cape V896 Dark Green

    Paratroops 1944+
    Steel Helmet V896 Dark Green
    Denison Smock V896 Dark Green
    Camo V819 Iraqi Sand
    V846 Brown
    Webbing V819 Iraqi Sand
    Uniform V921 British Uniform
    Metal V801 Brass
    Wood V879 Brown
    Boots Black, HL V994 Grey
    Ropes V951 White
    Rank Insignia V951 White
    Anklets V819 Iraqi Sand
    Beret V946 Dark Red
    Scarves V896 Dark Green


    WWII Soviet Infantry

    Infantry Uniform
    Tunic & Breeches V924 Russian Uniform
    V912 Tan Yellow
    ****(best)V880 Khaki Grey
    Belt V822 German Black Brown
    Sidecap V924 Russian Uniform
    V912 Deck Tan
    Officer's Visor Cap V924 Russian Uniform
    V912 Deck Tan
    Band Infantry V817 Scarlet
    Cavalry V925 Blue
    Artillery V909 Vermillion
    Steel Helmet V894 Russian Green
    Greatcoat V880 Khaki Grey
    V921 English Uniform
    Boots V822 German Black Brown
    Packs, carriers, bags, capes V924 Russian Uniform
    V916 Sand
    V821 German Camo Beige
    V912 Deck Tan
    V847 Dark Sand
    Cloth Webbing V881 Yellow Green
    V978 Dark Yellow
    Scout Camo Suit V967 Olive Green and V950 Black, or V824 Tan and V941 Brown
    Winter Uniforms
    Padded jackets V912 Deck Tan
    V924 Russian Uniform
    V888 Olive Grey
    Padded Trousers V924 Russian Uniform
    Sheepskin garments V916 Sand Yellow
    Fake Fur Hat V992 Neutral Gray
    V921 English Uniform
    Compressed Felt Boots V922 Neutral Gray
    Officer Fur Hat *****Brown color
    Infantry Piping & Collar Tabs V817 Scarlet
    Shoulder boards V871 Leather Brown

    Tanker Uniform
    Leather Suit Black
    Helmet V924 Russian Uniform
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