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    Default Marietta GA Players.

    Hey guys, anybody around the North Atlanta/Marietta are looking for games, come by to our local game store, Its called Giga-Bites Cafe and its just outside Marietta, off the I-75. we have a large gaming group here and there's always room for more people for 40K and Fantasy

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    Heya Marietta gamer.

    I've been looking for somewhere to play outside 40k of my game room for about a month now. When are folks usually around for 40k?

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    hey there, Wednesdays are scheduled 40K days, and the store opens late for it. Also you will always get a game Friday and Saturday. We have a forum where you can pop on and say what day and time you will be there, and can easily organise a game - <--post there and you can get alot of games

    (mods, please delete the link if its not allowed)

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    Giga-bites is a great store and had a friendly 40K group. Come on over!

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    Cool. I will plan on getting over there this Wednesday with my spacemen. I'll post this up on the Giga-bites forum as well.

    What time do people tend to be around for or start playing 40k on Wednesdays?

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    around 5pm would be when the most start to appear.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sergeant Horse View Post
    around 5pm would be when the most start to appear.
    And us working folk pull up the rear around 6pm or so.



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