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Thread: Thursday games?

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    Default Thursday games?

    I'm coming to WGC in June and competing in the team tourney on Friday. Do many players show up and play pick-up games on Thursday afternoon or evening?

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    Absolutely, there will be a lot of that. I expect to have the room 100% ready by 6pm, but we'll get some tables up by 3pm so that the earliest birds can get to playing.
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    I should be there around 6-7 on Thursday, depending on traffic on I-35. I would love to get a game in with ya!

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    Sounds good. I think me and my team mate will be in around 3 pm. Provided we aren't gluing and slapping paint on his army that night, I should be able to get a few games in.

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    I may have 1-3 more guys coming with me, so if he wants some games in as well, they would probably be up for it.

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    I should be getting there around 7ish and would gladly get some games in after a flight from philadelphia and a long drive from the airport in Houston.

    This will be my first time coming to WARgamescon and I would like to get in as much gaming as possible and meet some new people. I was able to line up a work trip to get to the con, and since it will most likely not happen again, I want to make this a good one!



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