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Thread: 2000 pt Necrons

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    Default 2000 pt Necrons

    Ive decided to build a 2000Nec list and I need sme starting ideas. What list would you bring? Tournament level lists.

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    This list is super secret OP and wins all my games.

    3x 20 Flayed Ones
    20 Warriors
    5 Warriors
    5 Tomb Blades w/ shredders and nebuloscopes
    Doomsday Arks

    Imotekh gives you lightning that destroys every vehicle and lets your Flayed Ones no-scatter DS on somebody. Flayed Ones are dedicated assault units that can destroy things. Szeras gives you a court without paying for it and can make your Warriors S5! 4 dedicated CC units! Doomsday Ark has a big gun, Monolith too. Also, Tomb Blades get BS5 blast weapons so they'll never scatter.

    This list has won tournaments so it's good.



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