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    Default Codex Tyranids: Summary in first post

    This post will updated regually.
    Please read this post and all following post first. If after that your comment hasn't appeared then you feel free to add it.

    Cover Art

    General Infomation

    Incase you havn't noticed, a few kits are up to advance order aswell as the codex so get over their if you want them.

    To be released January 16th 2010

    Written by Robbin Cruddance (Author of Codex:Imperial Guard) and is already completed.

    A second wave seems to be planned as well.


    Special characters, such as Old One Eye and possibly the Red Terror, will return. These will be survivors of wars and also have been mutated, instead of individuals.

    Malanthrope may be a new HQ choice.


    All gaunt now in seperate box sets.

    Hormagaunts will be 6 points and normal Gaunts 3 points including Without Number (WON). This is without ANY other weapons,
    only with WON. Hormagaunts will be able to buy WON for 3 points.


    Carnifex will be made to be more close-combat oriented.
    Crushing Claws are +1A, double Strengh (10 Max), ignore as, add d6 pen, d3 "wounds"/"vehicle hits".
    Shooty Carnifexs will become less powerful.

    Plastic Tyrgon kit

    One of the new species: The Mawloch. Buildable from the kit for the Trygon, it is a variation on the Trygon, "with a distending mouth and lots of funny spines all over it." Again go over to the GW website for a better look.

    Talons +1A.
    Envenomed claws, upgrade to CC symbiotes, wound on 3+
    Rending Claws, autowound on 6 on hit, more expensive
    Spinefists, fire and run?
    Barbed Strangler, large blast, entangle...unit next move as difficult terrain
    Lashwhip, remove X attacks from attacking unit (allocate as wounds), can target individual, but then only affects single model. no min 1A. no longer base contact constrained.


    Plastic kits are not been re-done

    More anti-tank weaponary.

    Warriors to be improved. They will be avilable in every slot. Wings will them Fast Attack, a Tyrant as a HQ makes them troops, heavy support have +1t, +1sv and each can take a "heavy" weapon.

    Possible new more powerful psyker.

    Genestealers are going to be reduced stat wise. Moved to Elites.

    Broodlord and Lictors will be much improved.

    See page 7 and 10 for a stat listing. I cannot confirm either of these and that is why they are not on this post.

    January Releases for Independent retailers:

    99120106017 Tyranid Battleforce 46 Fig Box 5-Dec-09 $105.00
    99060106064 Tyranid Spore Mines 9 Fig Blister 16 Jan-10 $16.50
    60030106003 Codex: Tyranids (English)96pp 16-Jan-10 $25.00
    99120106016 Tyranid Ravener Brood 3 Fig Box 16-Jan-10 $44.50
    99120106018 Tyranid Gargoyle Brood 10 Fig Box 16-Jan-10 $29.00
    99120106019 Tyranid Trygon / Mawloc 1 Fig Box 16-Jan-10 $49.50
    99110106063 Tyranid Pyrovore 1 Fig Box 16-Jan-10 $33.00
    99120106021 Tyranid Termagant Brood 12 Fig Box 12-Dec-09 $24.75
    99120106020 Tyranid Hormagaunt Brood 12 Fig Box 12-Dec-09 $24.75
    9906010606201 Tyranid Venomthrope 1 Fig Blister 16-Jan-10 $20.00
    9906010606101 Tyranid Hive Guard 1 Fig Blister 16-Jan-10 $20.00

    Will add new info when I get it.
    The One

    Please feel free to PM me aswell.

    PS: Sorry everyone for not updating to regully I've been having computer problems for ages. I hope to get back to normal soon.
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    Default Bravo!

    This is how rumor thread should always be done (with first post upated with all the infos).
    I must thank you for this great initiative.

    Anyway, I'm really looking forward for this codex. I can't wait to get my nids back on the table!

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    Thanks, always good to hear praise.

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    Argh, My wallet can't keep up with all the new codicies, lol! I guess that is a good problem to have?


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    I'm digging the Warriors as Troops move, if it turns out true. I have been building up my Warrior units of late to try a mass 72 Warrior 72 Stealer 3 heavy fex assault force.

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    Not a nids player...yet, but I may be tempted to with these.

    A few things put me off before : gargoyles being metal, and the gaunts being put in one box - i like the hormogaunts but not the termagaunts.

    4 new species sounds cool too, I hope at least a few of them are more alien looking and less conventional than the other nids...that would go a long way in improving them IMO.

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    I'll throw out that back when IG was released I had heard a very unsubstantiated rumor the Nids were getting plastic Catachan Devils as a tie in...but it all went nowhere. Maybe with the rumor of 4 new nids, this could be one of them?

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    I've heard that hormagaunts will be 6 points without additional biomarphs and normal gaunts 3 without weapons but including WON (meaning they get 1 point cheaper and get won for free). hormagaunts can buy WON for the same cost as termigaunts can do now.

    warriors can be taken in every slot. normally you can take them as HQ/elite as now. wings make them FA, a tyrant as a HQ (maybe a higher tiered one?) makes them troops, heavy support have +1t, +1sv and each can take a "heavy" weapon.

    stealers are going to be elite unless you take a broodlord (who can supposedly be upgraded much more than the current one.).

    one of the new HQs is said to allow ripper swars to controll objectives (malantrope?).

    tyranids have supposedly got ahold of an alpha+ level psyker and integrated his DNA into the swarm meaning they will have about as many psychic powers to choose from as space marines (and they are all assumed to "make world wolf look like a child's game").

    take from this what you like but I've heard it from a nid-nut who runs a GW store. imho especially the thing about ndis beeing ubar-psyker seams odd but would tune in with all the anti-psyker gear the wolves got. maybe they will need it?

    dispelling every psychic pwoer on 4+ isnt that ridiculous if each one not dispelled costs you a whole squad...

    maybe the change the malanetropes fluff to also be a super-zoa?

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    I'd expect a Trygon would be what allowed Raveners as Troops. In Apoc the Trygon/Ravener formation establishes that relationship.

    In terms of Psykers...that's the road they went down with the genestealer cults. I remember the old Genestealer patriarch being a super psyker and lots of cult magi. I don't recall if it was 3rd or 4th where this gave way to the claw horde of today.

    Any rumors on Rending? the 5th nerf stole a lot of thunder from stealer armies.


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