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    Default Storm Eagle = Storm Raven viable?

    A friend of mine wants to try out Stormravens, but as we know the GW Stormraven model is a daft, poorly designed brick with a spoiler. The Forge World Storm Eagle looks far, far better and is basically what the Stormraven should have looked like in the first place (Basically a mini-Thunderhawk). I was just wondering if anyone has one or has seen one in person, and if they could tell me whether using one as a Stormraven would be viable in terms of size.

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    the eagle is a bit bigger than a raven, but both use the same base template.

    i have made an extension for my raven, which is basicly what FW did with the eagle..... then popped the missiles on top.

    it would probably be cheaper to buy the raven and either the chapterhouse extension or make your own with plasticard.

    using in game, locals would be cool as long as you make it clear what weapon load out is being used.

    here is my raven.

    also check out Meph, his awsome raven is based off a raven and valkyrie as well as other bits.

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    I just put one of those Storm Eagles together for a friend. Gotta say it's a pretty thing. I have 3 Storm Ravens of my own so for comparison I can say that the Storm Eagle is very good looking. Some issues I had with it to let you know though:
    The lascannons sent in where the same side.
    Gaps in the Front fusalage. - took some warming and green stuff to fix
    alot of the upper fusalage did not line up at all. - Took cutting off large parts and using green stuff to fix
    Rear hatch did not seal and took alot of work.

    Don't get me wrong it's a great kit. Had fun building it and it looks great!

    As far as size goes it is just a inch and a 1/2 or so longer then a Storm Raven.
    As for using it to proxy the only real trouble is your enemy being ok with that dread being able to get out the rear hatch.
    Weaponry won't be a problem cuz the kit comes with the storm raven kit as well.

    Anything else you want to know?
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    That looks good, as does the Chapterhouse kit. I'll advise him to extend the Stormraven kit then, I've had a look around at some like yours and most of them look good. Thank you gentlemen.



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