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    Default Portable Warfare Bags

    So my wife likes playing Malifaux enough that she wants her own army bag and doesn't want to share mine. She's pretty girly, so the Portable Warfare pink bag is, well, perfect. However, the dimensions on it are slightly smaller than any tray BattleFoam offers. From my experience, Battlefoam trays are easily the best trays I've ever worked with, and would really like to get those instead of using pluck foam (which I despise).

    Do any of you have any Portable Warfare bags, and if so, do you know from personal experience if the BattleFoam trays will fit in the Portable Warfare bags, despite the dimensions being a bit off?

    PS -- I've emailed BattleFoam multiple times about making a "female targeted" bag, pink or purple, and he's sadly told me every time that he just doesn't think there's enough market for it. Frustrating.

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    If you like the battlefoam trays, why not pick up a black battlefoam bag and have a local embroidery place add some personalized embellishments in girly colors and scripts. These could probably be done on pocket flaps, straps and any of the thinner parts of the bf bag that doesn't have the rigid plastic support panels.



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