Hello, everyone I am currently trying my luck at a 2k all terminator space wolves list. For fluff purposes I plan to paint them as night lords, because I love their background. I will have a daunting task of converting models ahead of me, but it will be all worth it. One downside I will admit is that I will not have SS like in my deathwing list so please be gentle.
Logan Grimmnar
5 man wolf guard dedicated assault unit w/Cml/5 wolf claw pairs/drop pod/
3x6 wolf guard support unit w/2 combi-meltaguns/cml/chainfist/2 power weapons/
2x6 wolf guard mid range unit w/2 combi-meltaguns/assault cannon/chainfist/2 power weapons/drop pods/
1 lone wolf w/SS/frost weapon/

The plan is to start the support squads along with the lone wolf on the board. The squads I hold in reserve will be deployed as I see opening or mistakes in the enemies battle plan. The army itself is not very resilient towards long range fire power. Anyways what do you guys think 37 terminator models not bad I feel quite proud.