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    Default Potential White Dwarf Supplements

    So as it seems like GW is making strides to have WD be more a supplementary magazine in the future, with rule changes and unit and fortification addtions, what do you think needs to be/should be added so that we have additional terrain pieces? I'd personally love to see some Race specific terrain pieces, and after talking to a buddy about how unplayable the Tyranids presently seem to be, they're the first ones that crossed my mind:

    Spawning Pool
    I have no idea what the point costs should be, but I imagine 1/3 to 1/2 of what a Tervigon costs would be appropriate. You'd be able to spank termagaunts from this bad boy every turn. I'm thinking 2D6 worth.

    Eldar Web Gate
    Eldar units could enter from these pieces of terrain for their deep strike/reserve entry. I think it would be hella fluffy and I can't imagine making it would be too hard.

    Those were the two I had off the top of my head in terms of fortifications.

    My buddy also mentioned that the Nids had a real problem dealing with fliers because of their lack of firepower able to bring down a plane. I don't think they should have things to shoot at planes. You know what they should have? Swarms of flying things ALA Pitch Black that can just eff up things in the air via swarm attacking. I think this would be incredibly cool to see as an add-on unit to the "Nids. It would be fluffy and would supplement their present weakness. Then, it would give them another unit to make the swoop attack, which I think has the potential to be one of the most cinematic things in the game.

    Would love to hear your thoughts on ideas that could make good, fluffy, cinematic addtions to the game!

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    The flying rippers aren't that useful currently - making 'em able to stuff themselves into a flyer's intakes would be awesome.

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    reg Eldar Web Gate
    brb p45 under Eldar Jetbikes specifically mentions they can move in the assault phase even if they arrived via Deep Strike!
    I am unaware of how Eldar Jetbikes could currently deep strike...

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    I really like the idea of race-specific fortifications - the spawning pool is a needed thing for the 'nids, and if you like the random factor (I think I do) who's to say what comes out of it from round to round? Plus, I remember reading something about Tau and minefields... this is something I've always thought they ought to have, given their vulnerability to bum-rushing.

    As an ongoing series of articles, White Dwarf could publish racial variants of new or existing fortifications - a Tau landing pad, a CSM Bastion or Fortress, an Ork version of an Aegis line - and in particular, hiow to convert existing terrain and fortification models to show them. This would support sales, and also support the model building aspect of the game in general. Plus, it would be a great way to segue into whatever race-specific rules might be appropriate for them.

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    Necron Pylons: forces psykers within an 18" radius to reroll their successful Ld tests for psychic abilities.

    Dark Eldar Torture Rack: for every model killed by a Dark Eldar unit, add a counter on the torture rack. Any DE unit within 12" will get one Pain Token by expending one counter. Up to 3 counters can be put in a torture rack.

    Necron Dolmen Gate: reserves (only infantry) can come in through the gate without rolling for reserves, but to keep the gate open a 3+ must be rolled every turn. If the gate shuts down, then a 5+ can be rolled every turn to turn it back on.

    Chaos Altar: for every CSM model killed, add a counter to the chaos altar. You can expend a counter to summon a Daemon unit within 12" of the altar (whether CSM daemons or allied daemons). Or you can expend one counter to force a Morale check on a unit within 12" of the altar. Up to 3 counters can be placed on the altar.

    Tau Communications Tower: for any deepstriking Tau unit landing within 24" of the tower, only one D6 is rolled for scatter. Also, snap shots taken within 18" of the tower can be taken at BS2 rather than BS1 and morale checks can be rerolled when regrouping.

    Stuff like that would be awesome. Utility fortifications would also be fun to scratchbuild.

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    How about an Eldar Wraithebone Tower?

    Can repair wounds on Wraithelords/guard, Artillery weapon's platforms (any other wraithebone constructs - can't think of more of the top of my head) and or hull points on vehicles. Perhaps one unit within 3" gets D3 wounds/hull points back (up to starting number) on a 5+? maybe a 6+ would be better more balanced, given it's D3

    How about for nids a Spore Chimney? Night Fight rules for any unit (excpet nids) tracing LOS through the area 6" from it when shooting and/or any flyer that passes within 12" during it's movement phase takes D3 S6 Ap- hits as the spore clouds coat the cockpit, clog up weapons systems and engine intakes.
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    Blood Angel Tower of Amareo Any BA unit within 6" are subject to black rage as the howls of the damned start to overcome their senses and trigger their own racial memories
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    Default Tyranid Terrain Ideas

    Spawning Pool: 2d6/turn - three varieties - may join existing unit inside 6"
    - Gargoyles
    - Termagants
    - Hormaguants

    Spore Towers
    - 12" radius toxic Miasma
    - 12" radius spore cloud
    - synapse

    Alien Growth
    - 12" radius dangerous Terrain to all non-tyranid
    - no initiative penalty applied to tyranids
    - 4+ cover save

    The Hive
    - 1d6 Sky Slashers / turn



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