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    Well that's lame.

    If any of ya'll are willing to help while i'm at the office, go ahead and toss down a decent Corsair Ally group that I could use with a Renegade Inquisitor.

    I'll take all the advice youre willing to give.

    Quite frankly, I'm excited about these prospects as some of the Eldar models I've been looking at are just so friggin nice looking.

    Further: How do ya'll envision a Corsair Prince/Princess would look? I'm a gigantic good-guy weiner, so I'd want mine to be "nice/good Corsairs," so I don't know how appropriate some of the Dark Eldar stuff would be.

    Again, thanks for the input!

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    Yriel is a good place to start for Corsair Prince.
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    Oh man, if you could scavenge up some of the old Eldar guardians I think you'd find the parts you want. The old guardian powerfist alone would look pretty pirated and you could do a brace of las pistols with a little green stuff for the sash. I don't know much about the current Eldar offerings so I'm sorry I'm not more help. Only thing I'd say is he doesn't wear a helmet so he can better enjoy the chaos and sensations of the battlefield.

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    So I'm thinking this is a good start. Lemme know.

    Prince w/ void saber
    Blade Sworn x4

    10 corsairs w/ jump packs
    10 corsairs w/ jump packs

    Night wing

    I don't know exactly how to outfit these dudes with weapons, nor do I know If this is even a good base for an ally attachment.

    I'd be interested in using either harlies or shadow specters as well.

    Lemme know.

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    Looks okay to me, try and stick some Fusion Guns or Haywire Grenades in there too.
    Take a unit of whichever Aspect you like, you have access to them via an Elite slot.
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    Yeah, I was unsure on all of the special weapons because not all of them are listed in IA11 and I dont have the regular Eldar dex.

    Are fusion guns plas or melta?

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    Melta Weapons.
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    Okay, so further questions:

    With the changes to the rules, do ya'll think the Corsair Jump Packs are worth it? They already have fleet, so I think that should make them pretty decent with packs.

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    I thought that they were Jet Packs?

    Either way, totally worth it for CC/CR troops.
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    Yep, they're Jet Packs, which means some crazy gun times. Take Missile Launchers and salute Team Missile Bomb.

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