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    Quote Originally Posted by Psychosplodge View Post
    Neighbour reversed into my car friday night.
    Didn't bother telling me. I found dint in bodywork at position for if she reversed off her drive and ****ed it up.
    Went and looked at her car and there's a corresponding scuff and the bumper is hanging off.
    So found it on the cctv. car goes with a visible bump.
    Goes to have a word last night.
    "I didn't think I hit it"
    "it was really tight" (it wasn't, its questionable you should be on the road if you can't manoeuvre a small car in the amount room that was available.)
    "Didn't notice the damage"
    "I've left it on road since so I didn't hit it again"
    So which is it? ffs. The annoying thing is fixing it would just make it look a mess cause the paint wouldn't match anymore cause of age.
    Having a mechanic check it tomorrow while he's doing my brakes. But it just really pisses me off that she didn't come and say anything.
    Report her to the Police for the offence of 'Leaving the scene of an accident' - see if that frees up funds...

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    Is that worth six points? new driver... could be a laugh I suppose.

    the problem really is you can't apply ten years of aging to new paint so it'd look a bugger,
    If mechanic finds owt else wrong with it I'm going to bill her.

    I'd just rather she'd not bloody hit it, I mean three quarters of a reasonably wide road and an extra wide pavement? How the **** do you pass a driving test if you can't reverse off your drive in those conditions?

    However the process of robo-insemination is far too complex for the human mind!
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    I dunno, it can be pretty easy to make a mistake with a lapse in concentration. I've been driving regularly for nearly 5 yrs now with no issue, and I managed to reverse into a shed a couple months back. This is on a lane about a minute from my house I have driven literally 1000's of times, and used the same pull-in many times to let oncoming traffic through (narrow lane). Still dunno how I managed it to be honest. Got the dent on my boot to keep reminding me...

    On the other hand, not owning up to it isn't on.
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