Daemons picked up the first of the Codex updates from white dwarf. The update contains a few new models and a couple updates to current units. We have a total of four entries altogether.

Lets look at the new stuff first.

Hellflayers of Slaanesh:

This is the new fast attack choice. It also uses the new chariot unit type.
The unit consists of a character and the chariot. The character is basically a Harald of Slaanesh without the choice of upgrades. The chariot is designed to smash into units, dealing 1 or 2 D6 Str 4 Hammer of Wrath attacks. That can turn out to be a lot of damage on a tactical squad.

What we like about this unit:
Itís fast: able to hit units quickly and precisely.
It hits hard: up to 12 Hammer of wrath attacks plus the rending attacks from its IC at initiative 6.
Its annoying hit and run means this guy can charge on every turn.

What we donít like about this unit:

Its glass jaw, open top and its on the low end on hull point and armor value. It wonít last long to shooting
Its Character canít disembark. If you loose your ride you die, its sad really.

see an overview of the rest of the units here: