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    Your some kinda hero Dwez. These are mega thanks for sharing.

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    Sadly I lost my login details so it's been a long time between posts. Even sadder is that a number of these markers are now completely outdated by versions and in-game mechanics

    Not to worry though if, like me you're not one for using dice to keep track of wounds then I've prepared new wound markers for 8th that go all the way up to 30 wounds. I've also done them in a variety of colours, either to match your faction, or to have a range to choose from to attach to different models so they don't get mixed up.

    So if you want to download the FREE markers to make you own point your cogitators here:

    And all my FREEBIES, wound markers and even a terrain mat [if you have the ability to print large format] are available here:

    For little plastic men -
    For hitting people with sticks -


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