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    Default 1850 pts of sneaky eldar

    Howdy everyone. I've been playing around with some Eldar lists (and freaking loving me some jetbikes). Here's the best I've come up with so far. Feedback is exceedingly welcome. I'm still trying to integrate some Striking Scorpions, because they seem quite potent, but they never stick anywhere. The general gist here is to hold a couple objectives with the pathfinders (including manning the quad gun), while using the tanks/seer council as a big fortuned beat stick. Reapers hang back and take out anyone in cover, and the d-cannon takes a bite out of anyone who gets too close (and takes heat off the quad gun). The jetbikes try to glace vehicles to death and make late game objective grabs. I'm considering swapping out the falcon and dragons for a big squad of striking scorpions, but everyone worries so much about the melta guns that it takes a lot of heat off the rest of the force.

    1850 pts

    Eldrad Ulthran 210
    Farseer w/ fortune, jetbike, singing spear 118
    w/ warlocks (6) w/ jetbikes - 1x embolden & spear, 336
    1x enhance & spear, 4x destructor
    Dire Avengers (10) w/ exarch - 2x catapults, bladestorm 152
    w/ Wave Serpent - EML 120
    Pathfinders (5) 120
    Pathfinders (5) 120
    Eldar jetbikes (3) w/ 1 s. cannon 76
    Eldar jetbikes (3) w/ 1 s. cannon 76
    Fire Dragons (5) 80
    Falcon w/ bright lance 145
    Dark Reapers (3) w/ exarch - tempest launcher, crack shot 147
    D-cannon 50
    Aegis Defense line w/ quad gun 100

    As always, feedback is very welcome.

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    Loooks good. I'd be tempted to swap the Bright Lance onto the Serpent and the EML on the Falcon. Its an insanely overpriced gun, but its useful. So uses the twinlinked on the Serpent to get the most out of it. It then leaves the Falcon still with 3 S8 shots that are better used against light armour.

    Keep the Fire Dragons. 1) You'll need the Falcon as a tank to be effective (otherwise you have very little AT) and b) You'll struggle to get through much AV14 or 2+.
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