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    Wow, we got away from the topic pretty fast. The debate didn't even have anything to do with religion.
    Quote Originally Posted by Gotthammer View Post
    Kyban: True, but the election and campaigns feature it heavily, as do the candidates' speeches and rhetoric.
    It's quite scary really, any extremist with access to nuclear weapons(Mormonism is quite an extreme form of Christianity imo)

    ok so this just popped up on my dash, is it accurate? O_o
    'Cause if it is it's certainly relevant to the respects women side of the debate...

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    Extremism is not a characteristic inherent to a particular religion, it's a characteristic in individuals in which they allow faith and belief to obstruct reason. Mormonism is not an extremist religion, any more than Islam is. I know quite a few Mormons and the only thing significantly different about them is their churches hold more community events for their members than most other churches I've seen, and that they have a more actively involved youth group program.

    But I guess the contraception thing kinda sorta almost ties into the OP.
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