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    Quote Originally Posted by entendre_entendre View Post
    Draw up a rough list and post it in the army lists subforum and we can give you better feedback.
    Already done!

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    I have used both Nurgle Havocs and Obliterators on a Skyshield Landing Pad in my Epidemius list, and WOW, that's an amazingly durable and devastating firebase, which also jacks up the Tally of Pestilence very quickly. I don't advance my Oblits in that case, just place the Pad so the back edge is in your deployment zone, so the Oblits and Havocs start in the deployment zone, then the Havocs stay put, and the Oblits can move up usually towards table center, from where all their weapons can hit, including assault cannons. If I wasn't doing an Epidemius list, this Pad formation would still be effective, but I'd probably take Tzeentch Havocs for the 3+ invul whilst on the Pad.

    For HQs, I agree that the Shrouded rule makes the Nurgle Princes the best option...Swooping 24" into cover along the way means you really don't need the Slaanesh option for the extra range, though I want to try both and compare. I think the Murder Blade is all that's needed on the Princes however just for the extra attacks. They're S6 so they probably don't need the Fleshbane of the Black Mace, although I suppose vs other MCs it would be helpful, but they can Smash InstaKill a DP if he fails to kill said MC. The JuggerAxeLord is freaking awesome; I usually run mine with Spawn, however I have come think Bikers would be better because of the must do Challenges crap (the Biker Champ can challenge so the Lord can smear away the rest of any other Infantry unit). I've also seen a Black Mace Nurgle Bike Lord do impressive things. Even at AP4, he can cream most anything, plus the Curse helps nail survivors.

    I haven't used any Elites yet, looking forward to painting my Termies and putting Typhus with them so he can actually do something, as I really like the cheap masses of zombies for all my Troops. Typhus is NOT good in an Epidemius list however, since zombies are not actually Nurgle followers, just in case nobody noticed that.

    Bikers are nice and cheap and good fast fodder. Spawn are the same, Nurgle Spawn especially. The Heldrake is certainly best with Baleflamer, plus being able to Vector Strike at 36" range coming in is actually really good at nailing light Transports. I've seen people use Raptors, one squad came in behind my Heldrake and bolt pistoled it to death, that sucked! Warp Talons look cool but way to pricey, although maybe with a Jump Sorcerer they could be interesting?

    Forgefiends can miss, and my Warpsmith didn't repair squat when its arm got blown off, even putting it with a Defiler on Skyshield Pad didn't much help them vs a ridiculous GK Jokaero spam list (36" multimeltas...Bull$*%&!). I want to try out Huron with a Maulerfiend or two, that sounds fun. Actually a whole Daemon engine army would be fun like that, we'll see how many I can fit.

    Great tactica compendium!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eberk View Post
    Care to expand on this statement a bit please ? Do you mean limited in the fluff sense or... ??
    Yes, in the fluff sense. You don't see World Eaters armies with psykers, and so on.

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    Hehehe I've actually been looking at 'Blitzkrieg' Chaos lists, something you could never do well in the old codex.

    This is an example list at 1500 points that I wrote up going off of the top of my head;

    Chaos Lord w/ juggernaught of khorne, mark of khorne, sigil of corruption, axe of blind fury - 170

    Chaos Space Marines (10) w/ meltabombs, plasma gun, meltagun, rhino - 205
    Chaos Space Marines (10) w/ meltabombs, plasma gun, meltagun, rhino - 205
    Chaos Space Marines (10) w/ meltabombs, plasma gun, meltagun, rhino - 205

    Fast Attack
    Chaos Bikers (5) w/ two plasma guns, mark of nurgle - 170
    Chaos Spawn (4) - 120
    Heldrake w/ baleflamer - 170

    Heavy Support
    Maulerfiend - 125
    Maulerfiend - 125

    Put the Khorne Lord in the Spawn unit and literally rush everything at your opponent. Switch the meltabombs on the Chaos Marines out for Dirge Casters on the Rhinos if you are worried about Overwatch.
    Of course, this list requires thought, good placement and proper identification of suitable threats.

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    Had a more thorough look at Abaddon just then and must say I am actually amazed I don't see him used too often. Yes, at 1500 points he is a massive investment, but having really thought about it, he looks fantastic for his price.

    Also noticed per the specialist weapon rule he actually has 5 attacks base. Combine with Rage or Counter Attack and he gets a lot of attacks even with the Talon, but with Drach'nyen that's potentially 13 attacks on the charge at WS7, S5, I6, AP2 re-rolling all to hit rolls and re-rolling 1s to wound against Loyalists. Woah.

    The issue obviously is delivery....deep-striking is a bit too risky with him, and walking up the field turns him into a glorified distraction. Mind you, on small boards running up the field would still terrify opponents and make them shoot ludicrous amounts of dakka at you.

    Really starting to appreciate the codex. Our HQs are so good - Abaddon, Kharn, Lucius, Typhus, Huron, et al are simply fantastic.
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    working on fleshing out my nurgle list while still giving my khorne army the love that it needs so far split khorne into to battle groups one led by kharn the other by zhufor. he is a cheaper version of abaddon but has the nice ability of taking berserkers as troops when you use him as the warlord currently debating on the merits of taking an all foot slogging list or a hybrid list for zhufor.

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    It's so odd going back and reading your old works....
    Check out my blog!

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    Are you still playing your CSM of have you moved onto another force? i was hoping to bounce some thoughts off of another CSM player.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SON OF ROMULOUS View Post
    Are you still playing your CSM of have you moved onto another force? i was hoping to bounce some thoughts off of another CSM player.
    I still play them, but mostly nowadays I just use my Thousand Sons in a themed, non-competitive list. I'm happy to help though
    Check out my blog!

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    well running kharn and a building up my nurgle list and just managed to get some other models from the bits bin as well but those are for appoc and won't be used for a while. but ya i'd say for khorne 3-4000 for nurgle roughly 2k and 1k for each in daemons. i keep tinkering around with lists. trying to see if its better to run just CSM or if i wanna run a mix of CSM and Daemons.

    Mainly I'm struggling to make assault work with world eaters where they aren't gunned down like dogs before they can get into assault or killed shortly after they munch a unit. just finished a full unit of 8 bikers and am in the process of finishing off their lord so hopefully will be using them sooner or later to add in another assault unit.
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