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    Default Torrent Question

    Hello wargamers! Found myself asking a question during a game and want to get to the bottem of the issue. The drake had a hullmounted flamer (its face) and that gives it a 45 degrees weapon line of sight to the left and right. Now sense its a torrent you can move the flame temp left or right. The question is can torrent bring the templete outside the weapon line of sight or does have to stay withing the 45 degrees.


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    No, the entire template does not have to be within the weapon's firing arc. The only extra restrictions are those listed in the Torrent special rule: the narrow end must be placed within 12" of the weapon, and the wide end can be no closer than the narrow end. This does mean that some, or even most, of the template can end up outside the weapon's line of sight.

    You're right to say the weapon's line of sight, rather than firing arc. In 40K, weapons don't actually have firing arcs - they only have arcs of sight. As long as the weapon can see the target point (upon which is placed the narrow end of the template) and the template placement obeys the Torrent special rule, you're good. While this may not make a whole lot of sense from a realism standpoint (and I can see a group deciding to house rule it on that basis), nothing in the rules requires that a Torrent template be entirely within the weapon's line of sight.

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    You should, however, not forget you can not kill things you can not see. These models can be hit and can generate wounds on the unit, but they can never have wounds allocated to them.

    So if you decide to place the template with the small end at the right-most edge of it's firing arc, you might actually not kill that much. Same oroblem with the Doom Scythe DeathRay.


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    Was the rule that allowed wounds to be allocated to "hidden" models as well only cover blast markers and not the template as well?

    Although i do understand why it is so, firing behind corners with torrent would be devastating. Even more with high ap flamers now on the table..

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    Default Thank you everyone

    Greatly appreciated everyone, thank you

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wildcard View Post
    Was the rule that allowed wounds to be allocated to "hidden" models as well only cover blast markers and not the template as well?
    Blast markers only. So PRoeske is quite correct that models under the template but outside the weapon's line of sight are not even hit. Still, it gives you more placement options for close fire support, such as when your own units are so close to the target that it would otherwise be impossible to place the template without hitting your own models (which, of course, is illegal with template weapons).

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    I thought it worth mentioning that it clearly states on page 8 of the BRB that if you can not draw line of sight to the target or any targets for that matter then you can not even shoot. Also i think on page 18 when talking about vehicles weapons line of sight is taken from the weapons barrel. So being on a Helldrake which is at the front and hull mounted if the squad in question where outside that 45 deg arc you would could only hit them if there was another squad that was the main focus of the attack and it "splashes" outside the firing arc of sight. But as Proekse pointed out its pretty much just a feel good moment cause you cant even allocate wounds to that squad.



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