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    Default Hobbit releases

    Hey everyone, woke up to a message in my inbox in regards to what's.coming out for The Hobbit.

    I don't know how reliable this source is, but have at it!

    New Hobbit Strategy Battle Game releases. December 1st Release, prices given are USD:

    Hobbit Strategy Battle Game Boxed Set - Escape from Goblin Town: $125.00 Limited Edition,
    $115.00 Standard Edition. No idea what is in each box. (French versions will be released in Canada as well.)
    Hardcover Rule Book: $85.00, 288 pgs. (French version will be released in Canada.)
    Troll Boxed Set: Plastic, 3 Trolls, $85.00
    Goblin Warriors: Plastic, 18 Goblins, $35.00 (Not sure if they are new sculpts or not.)
    Goblin Town: Plastic, Goblin Town Upgrade, $60.00 (Suspect it is terrain.)
    Hunter Orcs: Plastic, 12 Orcs, $35.00
    Hunter Orcs on Fell Wargs: Plastic, 6 Mounted Orcs, $40.00
    White Council: Finecast, 4 Figures, $75.00
    Bolg: 1 Figure, Finecast, $25.00
    Narzug: 1 Figure, Finecast, $20.00
    Goblin Captain: 1 Figure, Finecast, $15.00
    Fimbul the Hunter: 2 Figures (Foot and Mounted), Finecast, $40.00
    Hobbit Custom Carrying Case: 1 Case, $65.00
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    I'm really stoked for this Hobbit stuff, but some of those prices seem....awfully high. Doesn't seem to mesh with the other LotR stuff being of more value for the money, model wise.

    I'm just excited to see what is being produced, but the prices have me rankling a bit.

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    I can't say muchdue to Non-Disclosure Policy etc but that list is probably a good guide to go by. I've got my Hobbit stuff ready and it'll be going online at 11:59pm THIS Friday over on my site at - if anybody orders any Hobbit stuff from me, PM me and I'll throw in a small freebie item for Bell of Lost Souls people.

    Also, I would imagine that retailers like myself and others will be doing it at a good 25% off RRP - So excited! Make sure you check out White Dwarf too for a full breakdown of whats happening

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    Just as a heads up, got all my Hobbit products online at various % off RRP. Limited Editions literally sold out within 10 minutes, but still got standards in stock and all the other bits too!

    Enjoy! And on orders over £80, if you PM me your order number I'll throw in November's white Dwarf for free (the one with all the chaos in).

    EDIT: At time of typing 1am, I have ONE limited edition box set left due a mistaken order.
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    I see the Radagast model is only in the limited edition version, he's the only miniature i'd really want as I am a massive fan of Sylvester McCoy (was the best damn doctor who!) so I will go to ebay for that

    all looks okay though, to me. Bit shocking at the Trolls price though...don't normally complain about the prices of the Plastic Kits, but that one jumps out at me! the prices of the other plastic kits are all pretty good (as is par for LOTR infantry and cavalry kits).
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    I really want to hear the reason why the White Council figures are 75 USD for four relatively small models.

    Otherwise I think all of the miniatures look fantastic. If I was a fan of the game system I'd be super-excited but, fortunately for my pocket-book, I dislike the game system.
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