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Thread: Hobbit releases

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    I'll probably get an Escape from Goblin Town set and some Goblin Town terain bits but beyond that I don't have much interest in the Hobbit game. Odd really given how much I love the book and LOTR. I'd get the White Council if Galadriel didn't look terrible, though I suppose I should wait to see her unpainted.

    Gott, Oz Hammer will probably have them for UK RRP plus shipping if you really want anything and don't want to pay Aus RRP.
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    I'm liking the hunter orcs for some death world chaos cultist action. Warg riders for rough rider imperial guard allies maybe?

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    @ EG - I could, true, but I'm not even going to give GW any sales over this. Might change if they do a later Galadriel that's really nice, but not worth it even now by the looks of things. Kingdom Death will be getting my money instead.

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    Agree with E.G Galadriel looks silly, and in my opinion so does Saruman with his silly strokey-beard hand. Strange box set, but Escape from Goblin Town is amazing, really excited to receive mine, paint it up and play the scenarios! Last time I was this excited was Island of Blood releases for Warhammer, yay Hobbitses!

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    The Mines of Moria box-set's mini-rulebook included the points cost and rules for every model in the LotR films - does anyone know if this one's mini-rulebook includes the rules for all the models from the Hobbit film, or if you have to buy the main rulebook for that? - My 40k Blog: Adeptus Mechanicus, Imperial Guard Grots, Conversions, Battle Reports and more.

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    I think its safe to say that it does, might include a few more from Middle Earth as well. 90% sure but will confirm for you when my copy arrives if you like

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    Individual forces are in the additional books, barring new stuff from the films.

    Me, I'm looking forward to the Hammer stunties. More Dwarfs are good Dwarfs!!
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    Hmmm can't say i give a crap about the release for any reason other then maybe ill finally be able to sell my Mordor army -_-
    Potential war gameing Jawa.

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    I think it's funny that everyone else hates the White Council Galadriel. I think compared to the other two, it is a significant improvement.
    That said, I'll likely get my Escape from Goblin Town box and that's it. The three trolls are cool, but not $85 cool. I do like the fact that the Goblin Warriors are actually *cheaper* cost-wise per figure than their Moria counterpart... but I think I have *more* than enough of them (And a few too many cave trolls too!)
    Of course, when the next wave hits and we get the Grim Hammers for the Dwarfs, I might have to pick some of those up. Those are rather nice. And my old metal Balin figure is being repurposed for a generic Dwarven Captain...

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    So, I had a look at Escape from Goblin Town. It comes with all the stats for the models in it, except their points. So to actually add the models to my LotR collection and use them I'd have to buy Escape AND the big rulebook? Not a chance I'm doing that - especially knowing that I'd have to do this for all three films. - My 40k Blog: Adeptus Mechanicus, Imperial Guard Grots, Conversions, Battle Reports and more.


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