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Thread: Hobbit releases

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    Well I'm a massive LotR system fan, and The Hobbit as a game is amazing. So much has improved, and monsters are bent as all god. Sauron munches troops like a boss!

    Myself? Well I'll either do a Hunter Orc army led by Azog and Fimbul, or I shall do a Dwarf army based on the Heavy Armour Hammer guys.

    Oh, what's that? Your unit can't see me, and therefore can't charge me? No worries, I'll get to you in my movement.
    That's right, Wargs can charge units that they can't see.
    Red like roses, fills my dreams and brings me to the place where you rest...

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    As per my trader's thread...

    bit of breaking news this afternoon then! Games Workshop are holding on to the Standard Editions for now until all their Limited Edition stock is cleared through, if you have ordered Standard Edition from us you will be contacted accordingly but for everyone else who missed out...
    and a free gift with code 'XMASDRAGON'.

    Sales not as good as predicted on the new releases? Or confusion over allocation of numbers per store? Discuss.
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    Didn't they do the same thing with the 40k box? I guess it stops people getting confused which box they're buying? - My 40k Blog: Adeptus Mechanicus, Imperial Guard Grots, Conversions, Battle Reports and more.

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    They did but it was hardly noticed because the limited eds sold out within a couple days, a week later and we still have limited hobbit sets knocking around, it saddens me that this hobby isn't as furiously popular as 40k.
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    10-30% off RRP of Games Workshop, Flames of War & Hobby Supplies.

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    so fell wargs are worse than standard wargs?

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    noticed there are eagles coming out next month


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