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    Default Necron Megaforce - How many points?

    Morning all, has anyone worked out how many points the Necron Megaforce is? Im thinking about buying one tomorrow but i havent decided yet. Knowing how many points it is would be a great help.

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    It varies based on which ones you build. For example, you can either make a Command Barge or an Annihilation Barge from the kit.

    Using the cheapest alternatives (so the Command Barge, the Immortals, and the Ghost Ark) you have (including an Overlord with a warscythe and resurrection orb in the Barge kit) ;

    130 + 80 + 312 + 85 + 115 + 150 + 120 + 50 + 90 = 1132 Points

    That doesn't include upgrades (except for what is modeled on the Overlord). If you however switch the selections to their higher points cost alternatives;

    1132 + 10 + 10 + 60 = 1212

    Then you can around up to this much for upgrades;

    1132 + 160 + 15 + 210 + 50 = 1567
    1212 + 160 + 15 + 210 + 50 = 1647

    Hope that helps!

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    Well I'd be fielding an Annihilation Barge and Doomsday Ark instead of their cheaper options. Are Deathmarks good even at 5? Then better at 10?
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    Deathmarks are an odd one for me.

    They can be nasty with a Cryptek, equipped with the Veil and the brain melty stave. But in a starting army, I'd go for Immortals every time. So much firepower! I mean seriously, they pretty much have a heavy bolter each...
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    I actually quite like Tesla Carbines and I might try and convert 5 Warriors into Deathmarks.
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    I'd recommend just building troops with the troop options in the box if you're starting a brand new army, and in particular if you're going with tesla Immortals. Gives your army a solid foundation, and you can always expand your elites later if you want some Deathmarks. The scoring bodies are important and more gauss is always good. Bolters that can glance anything!
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    While of course having the correct bodies on every model is great, I'd say put the Gauss Immortal weapons on the Immortal bodies and put the Tesla Immortal weapons on Necron Warrior bodies, that's what I did. Or switch up legs so the bodies are not duplicates of Necron Warriors. I have yet to use Deathmarks effectively, but that's because I've had some deep strike mishaps and they scare the heck out of my foes, but 5 seems to be enough. And while I agree on the Annihilation Barge, I've come to like my Ghost Ark a lot more than I liked the Doomsday Ark.

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    After trying ghost arks in 5th edition I didn't think they were all that good. But 6th was VERY good to them. They've become one of the toughest vehicles in the game, easily matching land-raiders in terms of sheer difficulty to get off the table... For less than half the points. Warrior units become extremely durable when placed inside an Ark which is precisely what you need to get them to survive until the end of the game. Doomsday arks are considerably more fragile if you ever want to shoot with them, the jink save is easily one of the most valuable features of Necron vehicles. They get even more ridiculous in a list with solar pulses/ Imotekh, having a 4+/3+ jink save against most targets and a 3+/2+ jink save against those who are far away makes them extremely difficult for all but the most determined enemy to deal with... especially if you push an AV13 theme in your list.

    Also, Annihilation barges are easily one of the most cost effective, flexible units in the game... Whereas command barges are pretty meh (WAY overcosted for what they do) They give your army some extremely potent anti-flier defense for cheaper than an aegis line.

    Personally if I bought a megaforce, this is how I would build it:
    HQ: 130-205
    Overlord w/ Scythe, Weave, MSS: 130 pts (205 if you wanna go all out)
    Maybe throw a phase shifter/ orb on him if you wanna buff your points up a bit more.

    Troops: 522
    10 Warriors in a ghost ark: 245pts
    14 warriors on foot: 182pts<- attach overlord here, especially if you give him an orb
    5 Immortals: 85pts Either tesla or gauss work, if you plan on keeping them a small squad stick with tesla so they can stay at max range and still put out maximum fire potential

    Triarch Stalker: 150 (very little experience with these, i'm not super keen on them, not upgrading them seems to be the best option though)

    Fast: 195-240
    3 Tomb blades, twin linked tesla Carbines: 60pts (in my opinion they are best if you don't upgrade them)
    3 Tomb blades, twin linked tesla Carbines: 60pts
    Scarabs are kinda iffy... if you just build them straight out of the box, have 5 in your list (you'll need at least 1 for your first turn of spawning) Pick up more if you plan on using them in your list after you continue to build up your army... Also build them three to a base to get more mileage if at all possible. 75-120pts depending on how you go about building them/ if you have any spare 40mm bases lying around.

    Heavy: 140
    Annihilation Barge: 90pts
    Spyder: 50pts (I like em naked, although a fabricator claw array may not be a bad choice if you choose to run it around behind your vehicles, especially if you plan on including more vehicles.)

    Grand total: 1137-1257

    Of course you are free to build your models as you choose, but this is what I view to be the optimal loadouts for each unit.



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